The little town of Salida, Colorado

Writing to you using my new Acer Laptop with a ten inch screen.  What a wonderful machine, so light, so small, yet perfect size for travel.  Only $248 from Walmart, I checked around the internet and looks to be a very good deal.

What a wonderful last couple of days I have had.  After leaving Boulder on Sunday evening, I traveled for a time and then found a place to sleep.  I am sleeping in my van on a cot/bed, very comfortable.  I shower when I stay with people, or, when I am on the road for a few days I will pop into a motel and use their pool for a swim (yes, a big bath.)  Before I go in I put a small amount of shampoo on my head so that, once I am in, I can wash my head and body with it.  Quite the life.
On Tuesday night I got into Salida, a neat little town that has a circus school.   I was two days early so I looked around the town for things to do.  As you know, I ruined my other laptop and had no way to reach you.  I went to the library in Salida to use their computer (bought my new Acer yesterday.)  There was a nice old women seating next to me.  We had a nice conversation and ended up going to lunch together, a nice talk with “Felice”.  Felice happened to know Jennifer, who runs the circus school and set up the presentation.  So, we went to visit Jennifer.  Jennifer was able to set up a place for me to stay that night, Tuesday.  After we talked with Jennifer I drove Felice home.  When we arrived I saw two large deer to the side of the house–they looked like statues–then I saw them move.  What a wonderful sight.  After leaving off Felice it was off to meet up with Jennifer, who lead me to where I was going to stay that night.  And, what a wonderful place it is.  Lori and her ex-husband built this place into the side of a hill.  Stones and wood prevail, large logs.  With a horse pasture right out in front and a barn and large garden behind the house and up the hill, it is like paradise.  Lori’s two kids were there, and, of course, I taught them to juggle.


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