Boulder, Colorado, see the beauty?

The workshop in Boulder went quite well.  There were only a few people who joined me, yet they were quite advanced in their skill level in juggling.
Bekah Smith
are each excellent jugglers,  They both told me they gained much from the workshop.  Next it was south to Salida, Colorado for a workshop I was able to set up at a circus school for tomorrow night.

On the map, the road from Boulder to Salida, Colorado looked somewhat barren and boring, yet, what a fantastic drive.  Mountains, forests, streams, small quant villages.  Reminded me of Southern Germany.  I love to drink fresh clean water from mountain springs.  This is something I have not been able to do in years because of where I live.  The taste of the water was so refreshing.

Going forward on the road, off to the right I saw a dirt road that had a sign saying, “National Forest”.  After driving some ways into the superb setting I parked under trees and saw no humans for the whole time I was there– no connection with my phone, my radio could not connect to any stations, no people anywhere. I am enjoying my solitude (wish “you” were here, though.)  For that time I was hiking, reading and resting–how pleasant.
Drove up on a mountain and found a nice location to park and sleep.  Seeing the sun rise was a great experience.
I stopped by Walmart to see what type of laptop computers they have.  There is an “Acer” 10 inch laptop that would travel well (of course, from now on I will be extra careful if it is plugged in.) I think I will purchase one for my trip.
Now I in a library in Salida writing to you.  You will more of my journey soon again.

Bye for now>>>>>>>Kit


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