A quick trip to Paris

In Paris with Viktor Kee!

February 7, 2015 – Getting back to the writings for my blog (https://kitsummers.com/blog/), as you know, after my trip to Australia and New Zealand I kind of got away from writing for the blog. This will be the beginnings of many words upcoming. I love adventures, this is a new one.

Around January 20, 2015, Viktor Kee and I connected via Facebook. He told me of his foundation


and that they were meeting at The Cirque de Demain in Paris in a week to talk about his foundation. He wanted me there with them. So, on January 28, I flew to Paris for six days to be at:


Here is a video of Viktor and his amazing juggling and performance:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEJF0YM94u4

So, we talk and only 5 days later it was off to Paris.

I am so happy to be able to help people through his organization.

The day before I was to leave was the big snow storm. They had said it would be the worst in many years—it amounted to very little after all. It’s terrible how forecasters always forecast the worst a storm can possibly be, so that way everyone tunes in to watch the news. I do like challenges, and going to Paris so quickly was a big one.

As I left home there would be a two hour bus trip to JFK airport, which went quite smooth. Before I left I did not know if the bus would get me to the airport in time to get through the international detailed check out before I could leave. Everything had to be quite precise to get me there on the correct times. Then, at the airport, getting through the lines was not too long a process. Viktor booked me and I flew over on Aeroflot Airlines. Being a Russian airline, we flew from NYC over to Moscow, then, after a plane change, back to Paris. So, now I can say that I visited Moscow, yes?

Once on the plane I settled is comfortably for the 12 hour flight. I have trouble sleeping on planes, so, no sleep over or on the return, as I expected. Sleep is a strange thing; we all require sleep, but what a waste of time. I do better on four or five hours of sleep, rather than the eight we are told we all need.

Before I left I printed out a map and the area of the hotel I was booked at, so off I went to get on the Metro. Just one stop to change trains, then, after arriving at the end metro, it was a short walk to get to the hotel. I think it so rude of me not able to speak the language of the country I am in; many spoke English and I had no problem asking directions.

Something scary that I saw while walking in Paris, I passed by three people in camouflage outfits each carrying a machine gun. This world has gotten scary. And, in the airports, more police with guns (to protect us?)

Held at Cirque Phenix (http://cirquephenix.com/), the Cirque de Demain (http://www.cirquededemain.com/) circus competition was magnificent.

Sharing a room with Craig Quat, we are both going to be doing work for the foundation. Craig has an amazing background and has achieved excellence in many areas. Craig is devising ways to teach people to juggle—even working with the blind— take a look—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8QRPU1EEuY

In fact, Viktor is assembling an amazing group of high level teachers; I am so glad to be a part of what they do to help people. Another amazing teacher I met in Paris was Marco Paoletti, who helped me toward getting back toward juggling 5 balls. Marco was a student of Sergei Ignatov, the great Russian juggler. I’ve known Sergei for many years (even having him over for dinner at my house) and he is a great teacher. Now Marco is teaching young people in Argentina who are disadvantaged to juggle and live a better life. Here is Marco — http://www.maggler.com/  and, here is about Marco and Viktor’s Foundation — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtJU8ifXxmU

 The Cirque de Demain Circus Competition—In the circus competition, all of those competing were very high level at whatever skill they showed. This is as special competition for performers under the age of 25; only human talent; no animals anywhere. I saw many techniques toward circus arts that were quite unique and top level. Of course, jugglers stood out for me. And, these two jugglers were so unique and special—excellence is what I witnessed.

Elegant and classyAleksandra Savina of Ukraine


After graduating from Kiev Academy of Circus, Aleksandra went on to perform many places. Along with having an excellent skill level with the hoops, her showmanship was outstanding. Another hoop roller, I first met Bob Bramson in 1978, who is an excellent juggler and a master of hoops; I thought it would be hard for someone to surpass his skill, yet I saw someone who could match him in Aleksandra.

 Jimmy Gonzalez, a true artist.


The creativeness behind this man’s technique is extraordinary. Coming on stage with a ball of clay, this clay was broken into chunks and juggled in astounding ways. More than just juggling, Jimmy told a story with the clay and his show went over superb. In fact, Jimmy was awarded four special acknowledgments.

What a wonderful time I had at Cirque de Demain. I sadly checked out of the hotel and off I went back to the airport. On the flight back from Paris to Moscow I was sitting near a Russian girl who spoke good English. Olesya was returning from a fashion design event in Paris. There was an empty seat between us (so there was room) and I happened to have 3 scarves for juggling with me. In a short time Olesya was juggling! a wonderful thing to see.

After landing in JFK airport and taking a bus from the airport to New York City, I met up with my daughter, Jasmine, who is studying fashion design and living in NYC. I was staying the night at Cindy Marvel’s apartment (she lives in Boulder, Colorado) and she was not there. Here is Cindy juggling at the 2003 European Juggling Convention:


Currently staying at Cindy’s is Kyle Driggs, another excellent juggler. Find out more of Kyle:  kyledriggs.com.  Before I learned of Kyle from Cindy I knew of his name, yet did not know his style or juggling ability. After watching Kyle’s video I am so impressed with his performance. Take a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgwbLEAWEPk

After the bus ride down to Allentown, PA, Tina picked me up and I went back home (so good to see Tina again.) Now to get back to what I am working on in my life—to help other’s to have a better future.

In writing this article it brought back memories of recent trip to Paris, and what a wonderful time I had.

Written by Kit Summers, Kitsummers.com, kitsummers@gmail.com, 610-400-3233


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