Life Changing

From my book series, “Beyond Your Potential”.
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Here “we” go – Again (and, again?) Here are some suggestions on beginning your new life (as I have had to do numerous times):

• The first step in starting a new life is picturing the life you want. Where do you live in this new life? What kind of work are you doing? What type of relationship do you find yourself in? How are you dressing? What kind of friends do you have? What kind of toothpaste do you use? Examine the minute details of the life you want and write them down. Now, you don’t have to change every part of your current life, you can change just small details. It’s your life, it’s your choice.

• Define what living your dream life means to you. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just picture yourself at the end of your life and looking back. Is this the life you had truly wanted? What words would you want others to use to describe how you lived your life and who you are as a person? Also ask yourself, “How did I add to other people’s lives?”

• Sure, you have obligations. Decide what is more valuable, your commitments or your life. You may have a family, make them part of the change, too. It will add to their life as the change adds to yours.

• Every time you think “in the future” or “when I have time” – STOP – ask yourself, “Why not now, this instant?” Now, all of a sudden, look at that, you’re dead. All your ideas never came to be. Think about what you will tell yourself in years to come, “I always wanted to, but never did.” Start doing the things you always planned to do, start now. It’s your life, don’t waste it! In fact, choose to start a new life every morning when you awaken. Plan one thing you will do that day to make yourself feel alive, something new and creative. Start today, my friend.

• Find somewhere else to live. That’s right, make the move! You’ve always liked the mountains, or you’ve always liked the city, or you’ve always liked the beach, you’ve always wanted to live on a farm. Nothing is holding you back, move yourself to the place you like.

• Change your name and your identity, just like my sister did. This can be done, legally, for a small fee. Doing so might free up your mind to get back on track in your life.

• Get the right attitude of the new you, the old you is a remembrance. You are an altogether new person now. You can be who and what you want. Have the confidence to go where you want with your future. Do whatever it takes to make you a better person.

• Make yourself a promise to make this change a top priority in your life. If you don’t, the life-changes will never happen and you will be stuck living the same awful life. What are four steps you can take today to jump-start your upcoming change?

• There are no limits to the number of times you can start fresh. You can completely start anew over and over again. You can and will always find the inspiration necessary.

• Change your life; you will thank yourself over and over again. What sounds better, this new life or your old life that was going nowhere and you did not like life at all?

You Are On Your Way, Congratulations!


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