In Branson, MI with Dick Franco and The Fercos

In the show I saw yesterday, Dick does a highly technical and accurate 3 ball routine with excellent moves.  Then ping pong balls fly from his mouth into the air in various patterns–from 1 to 5.  Comedy with two ropes he places in a box saying they will come out “tide”.  He pulls out a box of “Tide” clothes soap.  Dick next says he needs help from a volunteer.  He looks around the audience and picks out Ty, who has his hand up.  Ty pretends he does not know how to juggle and Dick teaches him to juggle 3 balls.  Ty surprises the audience by eventually doing superb juggling with 3 balls, 5 balls, 7 balls, a hula-hoop along with a foot-spinner and juggling 5 balls and he ends with a great routine with 3 boxes.  Ty is only 13, the beginnings of a fantastic juggling career, watch for him in the future.

That evening Dick, Ty, Maki and went I to see
and The Fercos Brothers
performing at The Hall Of Fame Theater located in the Branson Mall.
Michael was the opening act.  I have not seen Michael in about 30 years, so I didn’t know what to expect.  After so long, I still expected the look of the man of 25 years ago, age has set in to us all.  Michael did the act I remember, yet toned down.  An superb showman, the audience liked Mike much.
The Fercos did an exclusive juggling act in the past.  The act I saw last night was of magic–many animals and big illusions. In the past they used to do mainly only juggling, like this:
But now they are working with large cats.
Tony did a juggling act toward the end.  Excellence in juggling is what I saw, including 7 ping pong balls using only his mouth.  The somewhat small audience liked much what they saw.



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