Goodbye Branson and on to Kansas City

Continuing to very much enjoy my trip driving from the east coast to the west coast.

After I left Branson, MO, north I drove to Kansas City to present my juggling workshop  On the way I saw a turn-off for a national park off the road, hard to see.  I had to go see this park.  Dick Franco’s wife, Maki, had prepared a great lunch for me of terriyaki Chicken and rice, I ate it, all alone in the park, in this beautiful setting.  Enjoying my time by myself.

The workshop in Kansas City went quite well. One comment I received:
“The juggling with finesse workshop helped me remember what attracted me to juggling it the first place. Kit was very encouraging about pushing the boundaries and acquiring new skills.  I also gained valuable pointers about performance, presentation and character.”

Yesterday, while on my drive across to Boulder, I happened upon a street performers festival in Lawrence, Kansas. I saw one of the best street juggling acts I’ve seen. Cate Flaherty does excellent. Her comedy, her skill, her timing, great. She is here on stage:
Another act who was there, Lindsey is another excellent female performer:
Cate and Lindsey both have great confidence in what they do, necessary for a good street act.

McDonald’s has free wifi, so I often stop and write to you from McDonalds, where I am now.  Will write to you again soon, my friend.

Bye for now>>>>Kit



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