Changes in your life

Change – we can’t avoid it.

  • We resist changeand yet it is the resistance itself that brings on our suffering.
  • We fear changebut it is the only way beautiful new creations emerge.
  • We deal with changewe cannot keep away from it.
  • We welcome changeit is a driving force toward our achievements.

We try to protect ourselves from change by clinging on to what we cannot make unchangeable, and then we mourn losing what we never owned to begin with, even when what we’ve lost really didn’t make us content in the first place. We have a choice, you know.

What if, instead, we embrace change – you and me mutually – holding onto each other like best friends on a rollercoaster laughing and smiling? What if we work with change to make it work in our favor? No matter what “might” happen, we can find a way to flow with the changes and make them better. So, jump on board.

Let’s go for the ride . . .

We all go through many changes. For myself—from getting hit by a truck and living through a 37-day coma to going through a divorce after 23 years of marriage to getting hit by second truck 18 years after the first to spending a month in jail on a false charge—I have had my share of change.​



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