• Blog 16–Back to the beginning

    In the past posts to you I have covered where we have gone and some of what we have done, with some inspiration intermixed. Starting with this post, I want to include more motivation and ideas for you to add to and, perhaps, make your life better. That is what I would like to do, as time permits, of course.

    Loving life on the road, Tina and my life are growing bigger and better each and every day.

    August 28-September 5—Still heading back toward our old home area near Allentown, PA. Why, look at that, the Allegheny National Forest in right on the way! What a joy, back to the woods for us. This large forest has many campgrounds; we picked a smaller one at first, less people and such. No connection for the phone or computer here.
    Image result for allegheny forest camping

    Nice not having any connection to the outside world, like the old days it is.

    Minister Creek for our stay, and so glad we did. With only six campsites, we were the only ones in the campground for the first two nights, it was during the week. As weekend came more people came. We were camped right next to a stream, how nice.

    Two days at Minister Creek, then off to Buckaloons (Buckaloons is a fun word to say, huh?) campground, a big change. No stream or lakes to speak of, more people here, hear some traffic on a road traveling by (do you like how I used “here” and then “hear”?) But, they have grass covered campsites for juggling and there are showers. So, a trade off.

    ​But, just one night at the Buckaloons was all we could take; the morning traffic was just too much to bear, although we did hear more birds. Minister Creek was calling us back; we both had our ears open, off we went.

    At Minister Creek, one week ago, a tree fell on a girl asleep in her tent, death occurred. (makes me thankful that I am still here to write these words to you.) But, we cannot live in fear of death, yet, we have to complete all we want to before your end (I have so much more to do.)

    Every morning and evening I am taking charge of having a fire, as I wrote before, fires are so mesmerizing to stare at. Your mind simply drifts off, have you experienced this? You get lost in your mind and go to a good place. Sending some time out foraging for dead trees and wood for the fire; I am easily finding much. Of course, it is for sale, too. Yet, $10 for a small amount simply won’t cut it.

    You can tell that I have been tending to the fire; I have hardly any hair on the back of my hands. Chest hair in OK, though, I keep my shirt on. From birth I have not had much hair on my chest (well, one or two), it is not because of the fire.

    A question for you—as a fire burns, where does the wood go? I know it is a chemical change, but a pile of 4 meters of wood turns into a 4 millimeter pile of ashes.

    Perhaps I should have studied science more? Can you explain this to me?

    As above, I’ve decided to start using the metric system, a much better system of measurement. It will be a new language to learn—I want to! I wrote before that President Jimmy Carter was trying to convert the US to the metric system, but lazy Americans did not want to learn this new language.

    My challenge to you: learn and start using the metric system.

    The trouble I have been finding with the fire is that people before us use this as a garbage pit, instead of a fire pit. After arrival, I have to clear out old cans, cigarette butts, foil and more, to throw away, before I start using the pit for a fire, what a terrible thing.

    What is especially dreadful is seeing cigarette butts scattered around the campground at times.
    In these beautiful natural settings people do such a dastardly deed.
    If you do smoke (for some weird reason) please extinguish your cigarette then deposit into a trash can.

    One nice thing I am finding is cooking directly on the grill over the fire. Somehow the food tastes better.

    In the creek right outside our backdoor Tina saw some crawdads doing what they do. When I was young (6-8 years of age, I forget), Sandy and Tommy used to take us camping and we were able to catch many many crawdads. A good dinner, I must say.

    A stream is a strange thing for me. The water seems to flow through quite constant on it’s way down and toward the sea. There has not been much rain in the area, yet it keeps coming at the same pace. I know that this stream starts at, perhaps, a lake upstream then feeds into a river down the way. It’s just the constant stream of water in the stream does not stop. Where does it come from?

    There are some bugs around, flies and mosquitoes and such. Once again, the English language is a strange beast. We call things the go in the air—be it a bug or a jet—that they fly or are flying.

    Why call this little insect a “fly”?

    What a lazy thing, simply to call this small bug “fly”. People walk, why were we not just called, “walk”? Seems quite lazy that the people who coined this English word did not take more effort to develop a word for this bug?

    There is another one. Things that bother us we say, “It bugs us.” Bugs are such a big part of the earth; a good thing. If there is something we don’t like we should not say, it “bugs” us. Is it a problem that we could not find another word to use? That does bother (not bug) me.

    Now to the alphabet. The letter “W” is a real problem for me. This is the only letter with more than one consonant. There is “U” and then “V” and then, instead of calling it with the sound, such as, “wa”, they called it doubleU, because it “looks” like two u’s. Talk about lazy. Now we have to use that, when speaking this language, for all eternity.

    Now to numbers. All numbers are just one consonant except “7”, why would they not simply call it something like, “sev”, with just one consonant, instead of the double consonant of “seven”? Now, once again, we all have to live with this little mistake forever.
    Sorry I went off like that (no, I’m not sorry.)

    The mornings are getting colder now, although, for our whole trip, we never did run into any uncomfortable weather that was a temp higher than 80 or lower than 65 (18 and 26 celsius) That is what we want to aim for, the nice weather, always. So, traveling to meet the good weather we are.

    A few more nights with the Minister, then on to another camp, Dew Drop Campground, a fun name, for a few days. A bigger camp this one, more people, yet, less to do.

    Back to nature?—far from it at Dew Drop:
    Dogs barking
    People talking
    Someone pounding a stake
    Motor boats on the lake
    Cars driving faster
    Power generators
    Someone’s chainsaw
    Crows saying “Caw”
    (Kind of rhymes, huh?)
    Nice to get out of there.

    Two days ago I came upon this quote from Horace Mann, which I had read before:
    “Until you have done something for humanity, you should be ashamed to die.”
    This says so much, and what I have lived by for many years. I am hoping I am adding to your life in a good way.

    September 6–In driving from away from the Allegheny Forest we came upon a sign for Kinzua Sky Walk, and had to see.

    An amazing bridge that was built in the 1800’s before mechanical ways to build. I am wondering how they accomplished what they did. The bridge was originally built from iron in 1882 and was billed as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, holding the record as the tallest railroad bridge in the world for two years. In 1900, the bridge was dismantled and simultaneously rebuilt out of steel to allow it to accommodate heavier trains. It stayed in commercial service until 1959 and was sold to the Government of Pennsylvania in 1963, becoming the centerpiece of a state park. Restoration of the bridge began in 2002, but before it was finished, a tornado struck the bridge in 2003, causing a large portion of the bridge to collapse. Corroded anchor bolts holding the bridge to its foundations failed, contributing to the collapse.

    September 7—Off to State College, PA to see Tina’s daughter, Tracy. She is doing so well in your life. A great job, wonderful place to life, and living a happy life.

    Now: Back to the Beginning.

    We have circled around the northeast of the US and ended up back where we started. After our short visit with Tracy we drove directly out to the Allentown area. After arriving, I wanted to get back to the mountains, right away. South toward Key West is next on the agenda.

    We have arrived where we started this trip from. Tina wanted to be here for the Jewish holidays and to be near family, so, back we go to the Allentown area.
    Living the Flow Life
    by Kit Summers

    As my life is running now it reminds me of a feeling I used to get back when I worked on my juggling and was very successful. You see, as I’ve grown and matured in my life I have noticed a recurring pattern:

    Things move smoothest—family life, friendships, business, and my plans—when I am in a state of flow. What I mean by “flow” is a feeling of happiness and moving ahead in the present while having a positive expectancy for the future.

    Flow is pushing your mind and body to full fulfillment of potential.

    I first captured this feeling back when I practiced juggling many hours a day; time was not present, only my juggling props and having them fly right. Later in my life I got this same flow when things were running smoothly and advancing, with no thought included.

    In high school I did a lot of running and was on the cross country running team. I achieved this same “flow” while running. It is the pushing of your body and mind toward the limit.

    As I was when juggling passionately, I was in an ecstatic state to such a point that I felt as though I almost didn’t exist. I experienced this time and again. My hands seemed devoid of myself, and I have nothing to do with what is happening. I just stand there watching the juggling pattern in a state of awe and wonderment. And the juggling props just flowed out of itself.

    By learning how to enter the state of flow you can increase your productivity, perform better, be more creative, and be happier—all at the same time!

    When you are completely involved in the process of practicing or creating something new, you don’t have enough attention left over to monitor how your body feels, or sense time passing by. The fact that you’re hungry or tired, or to even think about other things, doesn’t even come to mind. People in the flow state, like the juggler I was, enter a state of ecstasy as if they don’t exist.

    Juggling is an activity that requires intense concentration. The passionate juggler’s body and his identity disappear while they are juggling because they don’t have enough attention to be able to juggle well and at the same time to feel that they exist. It’s as if their existence is temporarily suspended while they are creating. This passionate flow can be geared toward anything you are doing—intense concentration is the key.

    To develop flow, try this:
    You’re completely involved in what you’re doing: you’re completely passionate, focused and concentrated.

    There’s a sense of ecstasy–of being outside of everyday reality, almost in a different world.

    There’s a great inner clarity: you know what needs to be done and you get immediate feedback on how well you are doing.
    You know that you are capable, that you have the necessary skills to complete the tasks successfully.

    You lose your sense of self and all of your worries and concerns drift away, your mind goes to a different place.

    You lose sense of time and you’re completely focused on the present moment.

    There’s a natural motivation—whatever produces flow becomes it’s own reward.

    From everything stated above it can be seen that in order to achieve the flow state the following needs to be followed:

    Find a challenge. Choose something that you enjoy doing and can become passionate about. It can be anything, whether it’s juggling, playing the piano, working on your novel, skiing, horseback riding, playing golf or playing pool with a stick, and so on.

    Develop your skills in order to be able to meet the challenge of the goal. Remember, if something is too easy you will be bored–and your mind is likely to wander so you won’t achieve the flow state. If something is too hard you will be overwhelmed and you won’t be able to achieve that confidence that is necessary for the flow state.

    Set clear goals. You want to be very clear on what you want to achieve, how you will know you are succeeding, and what the finished goal is. Such as, I’m going to write a blog post on how to achieve the flow state. I’ll know that I’m succeeding if I can clearly explain what flow is, what flow’s major components are, why flow is beneficial, and how to achieve the objective.

    Focus completely on the task at hand. Eliminate all other distractions: focus, focus. You don’t want anything to take your attention away from the task that you are performing; if your concentration is broken you’re going to lose the state of flow.

    Make sure that you’ve set aside adequate time. As with my juggling practice, it’s very likely that it’s going to take you time to start to get into the flow state, and a while longer after that until you’re fully immersed. Once you enter flow you want to make sure that you make the most of it, instead of having to stop early because you have to go do something else.

    Flow is a feeling of effortless action in what you are doing.

    Let me break it down further. The state of flow has been described in different ways, such as “state”, “expectancy” and “positive stamina”. I believe these all referring to the same thing.

    Flow is composed of, mainly, two things:
    The first is being happy in the present time. This means being happy and joyful in your present state. It’s about enjoying the journey in your life and not the final destination you are aiming for. In our travels, the daily changes are fantastic; everything always new, challenging and changing.

    The next ingredient is to have a vision. It’s about having a powerful, beautiful dream in your mind.

    Now, ask yourself:
    Who you want to be?
    What you want to accomplish?
    How you can add to other people’s lives?
    What you want to contribute to the world in the now and in the future?
    All of us can therefore exist in four states of mind based with these two ingredients.

    Flow also happens when a person’s skills are fully involved in overcoming a challenge that is just about manageable, so it acts as a magnet for learning new skills and increasing challenges. This is something I experienced in the various accidents and recoveries I have been through.

    If your challenges are too low, you get back to flow by increasing and/or making them more challenging.

    If challenges are too great, one can return to the flow state by learning new skills and acquiring new techniques.”

    You might experience flow while participating in a sport such as running, juggling, skiing, tennis, soccer, dancing.

    When you are running your life as “you” want, as opposed to how others think you should, you are often experiencing flow.

    Others might have such an experience while engaged in an activity such as singing, playing music, sewing, painting, drawing, or writing.

    Without happiness in the present and without a future vision, you’re what I call in a “Negative Spiral” and you are going nowhere. In your mind, things feel bad now and will continue to look bad in the future. You are basically telling yourself nothing will ever get better on your path in life.

    But, you can break out of this and get back to the flow.

    If you’re happy in the present, but have no future vision, you are just “Content.” You are currently comfortable, but you’re not living your full potential. Two of our brain’s greatest needs are growth and contribution.

    Without a future vision of who you want to be and what advances you want to make on the world, you’re really not living up to your true potential.

    Next is a state that is very common with today’s workaholics and entrepreneurs: A solid vision of your future, but no happiness in your present.

    This is what I call the “anxiety and stress” state. You have a vision, but you’re unhappy in the now. This is not a plan for success in your life.

    The final and ideal state is “Flow.” You’re happy in the now “and” you have a strong vision of your future.

    This is Flow, when the magic happens.

    This mental state of flow is being completely involved in an activity or project for its own sake.

    Your ego falls away.
    Time flies.
    Your mind is calm.
    You have a smile on your face.

    Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz music—smooth. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills in what you are doing to the utmost. I cannot do it anymore, but I can feel these feelings that I used to get from and with my juggling.

    You have the power to bring this “flow” into your life when you need to. It is a mindset that you can set your mind to. A positive and joyful mind is what it takes. Remember, you have the power of your mind and what you think.

    Flow tends to occur when a person faces a clear set of goals that require appropriate responses.

    This same flow can be used to attract like minded people into your world. I am sure you have met people with this same confidence and are attracted to them. You see, “Thoughts” are really your desires and visions for what you want to attract into your life. Your “Emotions” describe your current state. The emotions you project should be positive and happy. Do you see how these two fit together so well?

    And, perhaps, this is why: when we’re in a state of Flow, so many things in our life just seem to go “right”. The right people step into our lives, the right opportunities fall into our laps, everything seems to go so smoothly. It’s as if the world is conspiring on our behalf. People often call this, “luck”, but it is far and above any kind of luck.

    I propose that we “chose” to live our lives in Flow.

    Set big bold goals and enjoy the journey.
    Your happiness should not be tied to the final achievement of your goals.
    Live life in the moment and express gratitude for the little things that make you happy.

    Yes, this “flow” can be accomplished at any age.

    The most important discipline for me is to make sure I’m in that state of Flow every day.

    Very hard to be there all the time, yet, I try.

  • BLOG 15–Life is fantastic!

    ​As we pass from the wonderful wilderness back into city-life, our hearts sank. ​As you know, we like the out-of-doors much more than city-life.
    If you are reading this via Facebook, send me an email and I will put you on the list to receive by email, included are more photos — kitsummers@gmail.com. If you are reading this via my website and blog, please be patient, I am still learning how to put in photos, they will come. For reading past postings, you can always go to my website to read —kitsummers.com. If you no longer want to receive these email posts, let me know and I will take you off the list.
    In the last post I wrote about my daughter April and how she is needing money to help her get to Peru to work with young people there.
    Sorry you were not able to help, as no one did.
    Perhaps I presented in the wrong format, maybe I worded things wrong?
    I heard about crowdfunding and thought you might help.
    These words will continue, of course.
    August 18–Last night we stayed with Jerry in Chicago. We connected with Jerry through couchsurfing.org. What a wonderful man he is. Two Phds under his belt, much traveling worldwide, hosting travelers through Couchsurfing often; much accomplishment in his life. He had a wonderful bed for us to sleep in, yet, both of us said to each other we were more comfortable sleeping in our own home on wheels.
    The next day it was down to see my old friend Paul Bachman, south of Chicago. Paul and I have known each other since 1977. He has been much into juggling his whole life, both as a performer and as a collector of juggling memorabilia.
    Being 80 years old, complications are starting to affect Paul. He came down with prostate cancer which went into his lymph glands and spread elsewhere–bones and more. Paul is such a joy in life, every time I am with him. Paul retired from a fantastic job in chemical engineering, yet it was so much more than that. Paul was great at what he did, and built a company with that knowledge.
    Yet, all the time I have known Paul all he talked about, all he lived for, was juggling. And, a great juggler he was, is, along with a big collector of memorabilia. You can find videos of Paul on YouTube, take a look — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR7NzCNuypw
    The doctors don’t give Paul much time to live–and I hate that. He will live a splendid life as long as he will. How can doctors limit patients lives like that?–they have no idea. Just like when I went through my 37 day coma, doctors said I would never juggle or ride a unicycle again. I proved them wrong within the first year.
    August 20–The next day it was off to see my old friend Ken Benge, also in the Chicago area. Ken also built a company, called, The Idea Machine. He did quite well with the company. Also a juggler and originally from San Diego, we have much in common. Ken and Ann have been married for many years, Ann will be retiring soon and they already have their land in Kentucky to build their house by the lake. They are so happy and good together, quite inspiring,
    August 22--Last night we slept at a lake, with the water right out the door. So good to be back in the (partial) wilderness. There were still some houses around. Then, the night of the 22nd we were back in another Walmart–yuck. But, like I wrote before, once you are sleepize you have no idea where you are; we slept well. Good of Walmart to allow people to sleep over night at their store parking lot.
    August 23--We decided to stop by and see my daughter Jasmine in Kent, Ohio where she is in her last year of college. We just happened to pick the day of her move in, and, she found a fantastic house that will serve her well. We came on the day she was just moving in, and her sister, April, was there. Later, their mom arrived with her van stuffed full of more of Jasmine’s stuff; good to see Mary Ellen.
    It was strange to me, in a way, having the family back together like the old days came to mind, although, I know it could never be as it was.
    How strange life is.
    We were together for about 25 years; 23 of that married. We were good together for many years, then not so good. We both tried, but could not make it work like the old days.
    It was quite strange, but not uncomfortable, to have Mary Ellen and Tina at the same place. From the old life to the new one, something I have had to do in my life numerous times.
    August 26–Off to Cleveland next. In Cleveland, of course, we had to go see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And, what a great job they did on building it. So very many great rock musicians over the years. There were names I did not see who, I think, should have been included. And, some, I think, should have not been there.
    For the evening it was off to see Tina’s ​son, Ethan, in Erie, PA. Living with Becca, they have a great life together. Becca is in her last year of working toward obtaining a degree from Penn State in the field of business engineering. They are forecasting a fabulous life together, and, seeing how they are, they will make that happen.
    Loving life, hope you are, too>>>>>>>>>>>Kit

  • Blog 14—April needs your help

    Hope you have been enjoying and being inspired by my posts about our trip around the US. As I am writing I am bringing back these good memories as we move forward in our travels, I love it. Also, hope you are enjoying the photos I have been attaching. Included in this email are a few more photos of the wonderful trip we are having.

    I am hoping that, through my writing, I will help inspire and help you to lead a better life. I’m thinking that you are on the trip with us, a nice thought. Did I ever write you about my daughters?

    I am proud to say that my daughter Jasmine has done excellent in her schooling. Currently attending Kent state in Kent, Ohio, studying fabric and design, she has learned much and excelled. Last year she attended Kent State in their New York City school, while she also worked at designing, helping and learning. Hard to believe she did so well in that difficult city. She has a great future ahead of her–yes–the proud father coming through.

    Also inspiring is my second born with Mary Ellen, April has done well in her life. Studying hard, she advanced to the top her class all through school. Graduating last year from Penncrest High in Media, PA, she stood out as one of the best students at her School.

    Every summer April works at
    helping kids grow and learn.
    She initially went there as a student, now she teaches.
    April loves it there.

    Here is April on FaceBook:
    https://www.facebol. ok.com/aprilsh0w3rs?fref=ts

    Since graduating last June, April has decided to take a year off before starting college–going to Peru through
    –to help kids there. I’m sure she will touch many lives in a great way.

    But, the trip down there will cost, money I don’t currently have.

    I am hoping to help April raise $8,000 for her trip to Peru, she will spend 3 months in Scotland for training, then three months in Peru; what a life-changing experience for my daughter! She is sure to advance much as she helps others advance. This will be so good of you to help in any way, we really need your help.

    I believe this will be a tax write-off for you (or, is it, right-off? the English language is strange), I will study and find out.

    In helping April you will be helping struggling kids in Peru, in that she will inspire much and help many. Any help you can send would be joyfully received.

    If you have a Paypal account (easy to set up) you are welcome to help financially by sending to my email:

    Or, your check can be sent to:
    Kit Summers
    PO Box 424
    Hereford, PA 18056

    Either way, if you can help or not, I will be sending future updates on April and how she is helping.

    April also has a blog site, you can read all about here:

    Now, after that brief interlude, back to my travels . . .

    August 10th –In Michigan we went to Lake Gogebic, where I pulled off the road at a place where we were going to sleep. Then, I wanted to see what was just around the next bend, what we found an excellent place. This was like a small nook of Michigan that was beautiful. We parked on a large lawn where other cars were parked–this is where we slept the night. Right across the way was a bar/restaurant where Tina spent time that was right across from the van:
    while I worked on things in the van.

    This place was in the middle of no where, it seemed.
    Then, they started showing up as the evening came, people filled up this bar and had a good-ol-time.
    This is a place that we want to go back to.

    August 11th — Out of wonderful Michigan and into Wisconsin. Still seeing much beauty in the landscape, very nice.

    The first night in Michigan we stayed at Lake Day:
    And, a nice stay it was.

    The best part was we were the only ones staying at this campground on this night.

    A few more things:
    We saw a big Eagle’s nest​.​
    Took long walk on beach, we ended up taking a drive to find the beach and we took a naked swim to clean​ ourselves​ up.
    Only people staying at this camp​. Solidarity, how nice​.
    ​We took a short bike ride.
    Tina saw much of the meteor shower, then slept in the next day until 8am.
    Birds were there, but did not make​ much​ noise, even in the morning, very strange.
    ​ Once we set up camp we were off to the beach to bathe. We walked a trail for quite a while following an initial sign–never did find it. Inline image 5
    Most of the time Tina was whistling loudly (I never could whistle myself). I thought she was whistling out of joy, found out she thought it scared off any wild animals that might be around. So, out of fear, not joy, her whistling was produced. It worked though, no lions, tigers or bears approached us.

    We ended up going back to the van and driving to a campsite that had an access path to the lake. Yes, there was sort of a beach.

    Perhaps because of budget cutbacks there are parts of the national parks and the campgrounds that are closed off. In fact, we saw parts that had been developed at one time having overgrowth of local plants growing over. National parks we saw looked spectacular.

    ​Most campgrounds we go to do not even have anyone watching and taking care of things. People simply put their fee in an envelope and place the envelope in a slot into a locked box. We could have easily just stayed for free and all the campgrounds we have been going to, but we are paying our share.

    In fact, because I have been diagnosed as permanently disabled, we stay for half price. So, the price is only from $5 to $7 at each campsite each night. I never would think of myself as disabled, but, that has been what was determined. Along with with the camping, I got a pass to go into every national park at no charge.

    Also, through my doctor I was able to get a placard to be able to park in the disabled parking space. I do not take advantage of this very often (but, I often see people who are physically able parking with their placard when they can walk fine.) I use it now and then, when there are enough handicap spaces open and when the lot is full.

    August 12-16, stayed at Spearhead Point Campground.

    ​Saw an eagle flying about 30 feet from us above the lake, it was glorious. This magnificent bird made three passes up and down the river. ​

    ​Dark and quiet, very nice.​
    Gathered much firewood for fire, a fire is quite comforting.
    At most campgrounds there is a pump to pump fresh well water, loved it.
    We had a lakefront to ourselves, with our own dock.
    The birds were singing.

    ​August 16 (afternoon) –​F​r​om being in the wilderness to being in the city–yikes. Through Couchsurfing.com we found Jerry in Chicago who agreed to host us and let us stay with him for Tuesday night, I will later let you know about that. So, we had three days to drive the 353 miles.

    Driving south on I-39 while Tina was driving we saw a sign that read, “Watch out for low flying planes”. And, what are you supposed to do about that? Where do they find these people who produce signs that say words that are so ridiculous?

    August 17 — Sleeping last night, Sunday night, at a Walmart parking lot in Portage, WI was a nightmare. At 1:30am a group of five cars showed up and parked near us. Then the horns honked, the people started making drunken noise–yikes. So, we make a short drive to a McDonalds parking lot, they were closed. But, there were two cars that were in the drive through line (for some reason) and they were making noise, too. We could not get away from these idiots! At this point if was 3:30am. We drove across the street to a motel and parked in their parking lot–finally–some quite. But, I awoke at 5:30am and walked over to the McDonalds to put these words together for you.

    We both, obviously like the wilderness much more than any city.

    Please remember about April, we could use your help.


  • Blog 13–Enjoying Michigan, much

    ​Every new blog I write I think to myself, what kinds of things could I possibly write about? Then, as you have seen, thoughts form and words come together to get off to you, many words each time. I am hearing good comments about what I am writing, always good to hear, thank you for that.

    It’s funny, when I am living my life now I am thinking about what I could do to include in these words to you. It seems to make my life more full, because I will look for things to do to be able to write here, to you. That is something you might want to look to for your own life–it may make things happen that you did not expect.

    August 5–Moved on to Tahquamenon Campground in Michigan. Many people here, hard to stay outdoors, camping if you will, with this many people around. I like more to be rustic, little or no people around and enjoying nature. Talk about tourists–even on a Wednesday there were gobs of people–the weekend must be horrendous.

    We did go to see Tahquamenon Falls, a little drive and little bit of a hike. Nice to look at, but the hordes of people, yikes. For these falls, I would rather look it up on YouTube and see videos, such as:

    and see the falls that way, then deal with all the people. Not that I don’t like people (you are at the top of my list of the people I like), it is that I would rather avoid crowds and see more natural nature.

    Right near us in the campground were three very large RV vehicles, each probably worth over $100,000. Now, I am not jealous of them in any way, in fact, I like our van much better. You see, with motor homes, you are very limited on where you can go and where you can park. With our van it is just like a car. And, we get much better gas mileage.zkit with the tea mug.jpg.crdownload

    What is funny to me is these people drove all the way up to this large outdoor location, and, the one next to us, we hardly saw them, they were inside the whole time. Perhaps they were inside watching their TV that is hooked into the satellite antenna on top of the rolling home. Why did they not just stay home and be in their rig?

    There are 191 campsites at the location. The state charges $23 a campsite, and you also have to buy a day pass for $9, for a total of $32 (the most we have paid to stay somewhere). The day pass let’s you into see the falls, both the upper and lower. The campsite was full on this Wednesday, so at $32, the state is making at least $6,112 a day from this campground, $42,784 weekly, for not much, at all, to see.

    August 7–On the road again. We are not seeing fields of corn growing anymore, too far north, I guess. There was so much growing in all of the areas we drove in previously, it was amazing. In fact, hardly saw anything else growing but corn.

    Speaking of corn, we have been buying fresh ears and enjoying the taste, much. I had read once to just place the whole ear of corn, husk still attached, directly on the coals of the fire. We did this, it made the very best corn we have every tasted.

    Place the ear (the corn, not YOUR ear) on the fire/coals, after some minutes turn it over. Wait a few more minutes and use sticks to pull the ear from the coals and place it on the ground to cool. Then, when cool, pull off the husk and corn hairs and consume, you will love the taste. Now, we did this with corn that was picked just two days prior, perhaps that added to the good taste.

    At a fabulous campground tonight, much nature and rustic. But–I am seeing cigarette butts–how awful. These idiots who smoke are ruining the earth. Oh, do you smoke? sorry I called you an idiot (no I’m not.) STOP TODAY!

    At most every campground we go to the first thing we do is go into the forest to get dead wood for the fire. We gather arms full then take it back to the campsite and break the dry tree limbs into two foot sections.

    When Tina does this she seems to kind of do a little dance. I say she is “break dancing” when she does; kind of fun between us. I had forgotten how mesmerizing watching a campfire is. You just stare and your mind drifts to no where, interesting. Have you have this experience?

    Strange question, have you ever peed in the woods? It seems so free, so natural. Females might not feel the same about this. Personally, I would rather pee in the out of doors than in any toilet. Of course, I am careful not to let anyone see me.

    This is a normal human thing, I do not feel weird in writing these words, as you shouldn’t in reading them, it is a daily ritual for each of us. To continue, did you ever squat and poop in the woods and use leaves to wipe? This also feels so natural, you must try it sometime.

    Now away from that to something more special. I drove through the state of Michigan a number of times in my life, yet I never knew how much beauty this state has, especially the north of the state.

    You here so many dreadful stories about the city of Detroit in Michigan. In driving through all these fantastic areas of Michigan it is hard to imagine that Detroit is a part of.

    We are currently driving through “Cheboygan”, a fun name to say. Do you remember Curly of the Three Stooges doing comedy using the name, “Cheboygan”?

    We are the only ones in this campground by the lake. So many trees, so much nature, we love it. As you know, we bring everything we need, including food and water. We could last at least a week if we need. Being self-contained is marvelous.

    What a difference waking up in a Walmart or McDonalds parking lot or waking in the wilderness. When we are in the wilderness, we do not have to put up the window covers, which block out light and make it so no one can see in. We like it when we do not have to put up the window covers. And, the silence, what a joy.

    August 8–We are still in the north of Michigan. Now at Island Lake Campground, very few people here and rustic, our kind of place. Today, after we had set up, including getting a large pile of wood for the fire, the rain started, nonstop. I put the plants out to soak in rain and we spent time in the van (no, you are not to know what we spent time doing.)

    Rustic, but there are toilets to use. And, we found fresh well water. You pump it up from the ground, kind of fun, like the old days. Just down the hill and through the woods (no, not to grandmothers house) is a nice lake, perhaps I will go for a swim tomorrow.

    August 9–This morning, while out to breakfast, I had to use the restroom. There is a mirror placed right in front of your face as you are using the urinal. I could not believe it, on my head I saw hairs that were non colored, you might say, gray hair! How could this happen, I still feel like I am 23.

    We drove in some miles on a rough dirt road to the Mary Macdonald Preserve, the most northern point in Michigan, and what a wonderful place this is. After parking, with no other people around for miles, we headed down the rocky path to the lake.
    Take a look:

    There was an actual beach here, although quite rocky. We had not showered for a couple days, so I thought I would just go in for a quick wash off in the lake. Because we were so remote, I removed ALL of my garments and was about to go in. Tina said that someone might come and that I should, at least, have my underwear on (or as she said, “panties.”)

    I did not care either way if someone saw me naked, it is a natural thing, just another body (although, some bodies are much nicer than others.) Now, of course, I don’t want you to see my naked body, I know you (but, then again . . .)

    When my daughters, Jasmine and April, were young and I embarrassed them when we were out in public, I would tell them, “We will probably never see these people again in our life, so it does not matter what they think”–which is true. When you are out in the public, do not feel embarrassed for anything you might do.

    Quite cold, but in I went, slowly enveloping my body in the water as I sank in deeper. Finally, the head went under. Funny how the water felt so very cold initially, then, as your body (mind) gets used to the temperature you feel OK. The quick bath in the lake felt quite refreshing and nice.

    Some people did end up walking by us down the beach, but, I would have been completely fine with no clothes on.
    August 10–I awoke before the sun started up, as usual, Tina is getting some more shut-eye. As I wrote before, I seem to do better with less sleep.

    What we are both finding strange about Michigan is we are not hearing any animal sounds. In San Diego, where I grew up, and near Philadelphia, where I lived for a number of years, I would always hear bird noises in the morning, then other sounds as the sun rose up. Here, only the wind through the trees comes to the ear, with an occasional bird utterance. We find it quite strange.

    Quite cold this morning, we had discussed yesterday going in for a swim this morn, too cold for Tina, though.

    The drive today was quite amazing, going south on Route 28 along Lake Superior. The drive today matches up with some of the most beautiful drives I have taken in my life–from driving along the coast in central California to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego to driving around the perimeter of Maui in Hawaii.

    We drove to and parked across from a cozy bar, in a cozy place to park for the night on the grass. I worked on the van while Tina went in, ate some food, and started on the beer. The crowds started showing up, have no idea where they came from, we didn’t even see many homes.

    This new life is absolutely fantastic. Living life how WE want. Still working on writing, such as now, and inspiring people. A few have told me that these words could become my next book–what do you think?

  • Blog 12–Oil Pulling?

    With my blog writing I will be writing things that have helped in my life. These are suggestions for you to try, I think you will be surprised at how this can help. Before finding out about oil pulling (which is the process of pulling and swishing various kinds of oil through your teeth for your health’s benefit) I knew nothing of it.

    For a number of years now I have done this method. Never have my teeth felt better or been whiter. I feel it has improve my general overall health. And, this helps me feel better, too. I was to thank:
    Tedd Koren​ >>> http://www.teddkoren.com/
    For telling me about this method toward tooth health.

    Learn more here, and search for other videos on the subject:

    In the morning most every human I know wakes with morning breath (if you are not human, please stop reading this.) This smell and feel in your mouth are bacteria that have gathered overnight. You see, we have trillions of microbes in and on our body. These bacteria are in our bodies doing all sorts of things. Many of these bacteria are good, there are bad also. There are kinds of bad bacteria in our mouth that cause tooth decay, discoloration and bad breath. These are the bacteria we want to get rid of.

    What is oil pulling?
    Oil pulling, also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental method that involves swishing about a tablespoon of oil (I use coconut oil, it is the most popular) in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your teeth and body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall heath.

    The bacteria in your mouth are attracted to oil, they cling on when you are swishing it through your teeth. After about 20 minutes you spit it into a trash can or on the ground outside. You see, at below about 65 degrees Celsius coconut oil turns into a solid-like wax-type substance. If you spit it into the sink or toilet it could cause problems, then you would come after me and I could get hurt.

    After getting rid of the oil, rinse your mouth with water, then brush your teeth.

    On the subject of brushing teeth, I do not use the store bought kind with florid and other harmful stuff.
    I make my own using coconut oil. Take a look:

    The technique:
    When the coconut oil is warmer and liquidy, I add a natural peppermint flavoring and some baking soda, which is good for your teeth. I keep a large container of this mix that will last for many mornings.

    When I first awaken in the morning, before I eat anything, I put a spoonful of coconut oil in my mouth. While swishing it around and pulling it through my teeth, I work on other stuff. After this time, it exits me into a container or on a lawn.

    The results:

    After about a month of doing this, I felt a change. It was pleasant again to rub my tongue on my teeth. Every night I brushed my teeth, this made my teeth feel even better.

    You will find that your teeth are whiter, too.

    Along with the teeth, I have felt healthier, too. I’ve not had to go to a doctor about feeling sick for a number of years.

    Try this for a week or two and let me know the results you find.