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Every time I write one of these blogs to you, I often reread, of course, as I do with all the books I have written. I always find ways I could have worded things better. That’s the key to good writing, more and more editing. But, I have to get the words to you sometime; hope you are enjoying the read.

Life is an ongoing and never ending editing process, constantly looking for ways to improve all. As I go through life I often examine my life and try and find ways I could do things better, in all areas, even the small details. If you make all the small details of your life first-rate, you will have an exceptional life.

Yesterday I got an email from my friend John Satriano. He said he does read every blog I send and enjoys the read. Although, he has not written back to me, even though I had asked, but that is alright. I am glad people are enjoying my writings. I send posts to about 300 people, wondering if people are reading, hardly hearing from anyone.

We are still looking for a place to move to with Tina’s mom. Soon, hopefully, we will be able get back to the wilderness and you will love the photos, I am sure.

As you see, I am including photos from our past travels you may not have seen.

Please get back to me and let me know what you think of my words.
Beyond Your Potential
The Comeback Kit, From Coma to Comedy
A Series of Books to Change Your Life
By Kit Summers
Chapter–You are You (and I am Me)

“Experience is not what
happens to you; it’s what
you do with what happens
to you.”
Aldous Huxley

A Solo Life
Advancing in juggling and writing books are very solo ventures. I had to track my own success, and I had to pat myself on the back. People are here to help us, but most for most of our life, we have to run our own show, make our own advancements, and see our own accomplishments. There is no one on earth who can be as good a friend as you. You must take comfort in that.
• You’re always that one smiling back when you look in a mirror.
• There’s only one person you’re certain to spend every moment with.
• You can depend on you like no other.
• I’ve tried to ignore me. It can’t be done.
• You are always there when you need you.
• There is actually only one person that you control in your life – yourself.
• You have no better friend – you are your own best friend.
• Respect yourself.
Learn to manage your own drive forward, and then the support of others is only an added benefit in adding to your motivation. Of course, remember to give more then you receive. Depend on yourself like no one else can (because, they really can’t!). Other people will not respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

Like you, I’ve been way up and I’ve been way down. Something that helped me after the accident was when I was down and depressed and feeling like giving up, I’d remember that I would be back up again and doing well in no time. When I was on top of the world and things were going great, I’d know that I would be back down again. Balance is the key. When you’re down, know you’ll be back up again. When you’re up, know you will be back down. You have control of your life and how you feel. Expect the best because we get what we expect. Do this and depression will never be a part of your life.

You are me?
See me do my thing
I see you do yours
I will not judge you
You will not judge me
You are you and I am me
I will not seek to change you
You will please not seek to change me
We are here for ourselves
If we find each other, it’s fabulous
If not, we each miss out
You are you and I am me

Surprise Yourself
Your relationship with yourself is dynamic! You are constantly changing, advancing, growing and learning. You can live your entire life and still not know everything there is to know of you. I continue to learn more all the time about myself. One of the finest parts about life is that there are always new discoveries and moments when you can surprise yourself. In fact, there were parts of this book, this writing, which surprised me. I wrote something and then asked myself, did I just write that? It’s a good feeling when I surprise myself.

Who Do You Love?
There is no other human being in the world like you. Billions of people have a mouth, a nose, and two eyes, but no one looks exactly like you. And, none of them have any of your thoughts, traits, methods and ways. You are special, you are unique, and you are one-of-a-kind. There is not a another individual in the world who is more important than any other person in the world, no matter what kind of work they do, how many balls they can juggle, what kind of position they have in life, or how they look. Each of us is as valuable and worthwhile as any other person (except for you, you’re the special one).

Alone Time
It’s so essential to be with yourself, by yourself, and treat yourself well by being able to spend quality time just with yourself. This can be harder than it seems, especially when you don’t take the time to do just that. Life has its stress and keeps you busy, but you have to make the time. How do you take time for yourself when you have so many things – work, family, juggling practice, activities, and friends competing for the time you do have? Wake earlier, eat less at meals, and don’t watch TV – just a few of the ways to get more time. Also, when you have some free time, keeping things just to yourself can feel a little self-centered. You may be the only one who knows. This is your time, use it right.

The Mirror
Do you ever actually see yourself in the mirror, or just your image? One thing that can help your self-image is to go to the mirror every morning, look at yourself, and say “Hi __________! Good to see you. Today we are going to have an superb day and get much accomplished.” Don’t forget that you are you. Yes, doing this might seem strange at first, but over time you will develop your outlook on yourself, in a good way.

Your Label
The most important labels in the world are the ones that we put on ourselves. Label yourself as useless and you will be useless. Label yourself as highly intelligent and you will play that part. It’s like we are actors at times, playing the part – play the good smart character – play yourself. You are not lying to yourself; you are training your brain to think in good ways. Do this and make your life a masterpiece. Remember, it’s not what you are that holds you back in life. It’s what you think you are not.

Replacing Your Self-Talk
There were certain changes in my self-talk I had to make to keep me moving forward. As you know, I wanted to get back quickly after my accident. Changing what you tell yourself can help the most with change.

The mind can hold you back and add to procrastination so much when you are pursuing something. Start saying the following to yourself:
• Instead of, I have to start now, use–I get to start now.
• Instead of, This project is so big and significant, use–I can take small steps.
• Instead of, I don’t have time, use–I will make best use of the time I have.
• Instead of, This must be done perfectly, use–This will be acceptable within my personal limits.
• Instead of, I wish I’d done that, use–What small step can I take now to get back on target?
• Instead of, This is going to take so long, use–I’m enjoying the small steps of finishing this.
• Instead of I must finish, use–When can I start again?

So, change your self-talk, getting going, and find accomplishment.

The only person you actually have control of is you. The challenge of life requires the ability to be effective in influencing others, but you do not have control of anyone else – only yourself. You have to have self-trust. Know that you are running your life in a better way all the time.

Start New, Now?

Every day is a chance to begin all over again. The past is behind you, a memory. The future has yet to occur. The only thing that truly exists is this moment – now. And in this moment, you can begin fresh, start anew, and you can do it again and again.
• So, what do you want to produce in this moment?
• Who are you in this instant?
• What old life-stories are you ready to let go of?
• What new stories are you ready to write?


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