Recovery?–From Dunedin to Christchurch

Still punishing myself for allowing the $3000 to disappear. I was so careful the whole time, too. Slowly recovering, everything had been going so so good.
My last night in Dunedin was spent with Miguel at a dinner party with some of his family. His mom died recently and the party was to honor her. A wonderful time was provided for everyone. When we first arrived I noticed a flat-bed trailer parked in the driveway and next to it what looked to be a tiny house, just like I will be building after I return. And, I was right, it was. Steve gave us a tour of what he had built, it was fabulous. He is building the little house for someone else, and he is doing a good job. I got some good ideas from him for the house I want to build.
After my stay in Dunedin, I was back to Christchurch to stay with Ian and Verna, find them here: This is a classy couple, and their home is exquisite. A comfortable and pleasant stay the whole time, some good new friends. Ian let me use his bike yesterday and I rode many kilometers all the way to the beach and around Christchurch. I used to ride almost daily for a workout, but have not for some time. My muscles and back hurt by the end of the ride. I did see much, though.
Earlier I spent some time in a park.  A little girl was just summer-saulting by me, then stopped and waved hi. What perfect timing for this to happen, I had been quite down. I have to remember what is important in life and that things will get better. I also saw kids playing rugby and cricket, something you would not see in America. Seeing these kids helped me to get my head on straight again.
Where Clinton and I went in the mountains


But then, it was back on the bike in the evening. I was planning of riding to a hostel that is on the way to a free Christmas concert held in Hagley Park. So, I get to the hostel and asked and they do not have any room. On the way out I passed Clinton, who I spent time with in the mountains before and I wrote about. I had some of my best time on my trip with Clinton driving and touring together. One of the places we went to see was Milford Sound, a fantastic place. Take a look:  How strange to run into each other like this. This nice hostel Clinton was staying in used to be a jail, people sleep in the cells that housed prisoners in the past, here it is: Seeing the inside of the jail and the cells brought back memories for me, some bad ones. Take a look if you have not seen these:
After we broke out of jail Clinton decided to join me to see the concert. So we walked over, as I pushed the bike. At first there were not many, but more and more people were there, I heard earlier there might be close to 500,000 attending. A concert of various music and bands, hard to see the stage, though. There were two big screens broadcasting the show. Look here:
Today is Sunday, looking forward to returning to the US on Wednesday and starting the next portion of my journey, yet not sure why I am feeling that way. It has been a long trip over here, and ever changing, which was nice.
Write to you again soon>>>>>>Kit


  1. BarryF November 27, 2011 Reply

    What is going on up in Portland?

  2. BarryF November 27, 2011 Reply

    CHCH is one of the finest places on earth… you’re lucky to be there.

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