• Blog 14 – In Texas now

    Blog 14 – In Texas now

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)
    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >

    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?

    Design the life you want to live, now, then live that life.

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    The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    ***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful 
    places and people.
    With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    ***I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    ***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!

    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me.

    Do you pay close attention to the way you breathe?
    Close attention to the way you stand?
    Close attention to the way you walk?
    Close attention to the way you speak?
    Close attention to how you think?

    Because of my accident and 37-day coma back in 1982, I had to learn to do everything again. I had to drive toward focusing and be precise. You may think you are doing your best, but your best is not good enough. The intensity of your focus for excellence must burn.

    I used this same focus to become the world-class juggler I once was. Now I try and use this same attention to focus and aim for excellence in everything I do. I am completely happy and have no qualms about life. Teach yourself this aim toward the focus and attention to detail—it will add much to your life!

    When you make every detail of your life excellent, your life can shoot up to a higher level.

    Currently, I have been focusing on my balance, posture and walking. As I was walking by a window I looked and saw that I was not walking straight up, slouching some. So, making changes to adjust. This is something each of can work on and do. Do you stand straight with a smile on your face?

    I must tell you, I am COMPLETELY happy. When I had the van trouble last week I did not get upset, I was just focused on how it was going to turn out—focus on solutions—not on the problem. I knew things would be good again soon. This some kind of balance can add to your life, too, and will be you away from depression and anxiety.

    Took no photos this week, sorry. 

    4/5/19—So, I just published Blog 13 for you at a McDonald’s, did you like it? When I got in the van and started driving, yes, van trouble. My GPS was not working. As you know, I use my GPS to get everywhere,

    Directly across the street was an auto fix it shop, I popped in there. He checked my fuses and, within 3 minutes, saw that the cigarette lighter one had broken. So, another 3 minutes, and it was fixed.

    He wanted to charge me $35! for ten minutes of his time.
    He said they have a minimum charge.
    I talked him down to $25, so that was better.

    Remember in the past, I would brag about how many things I could charge at once with the cigarette lighter connection? Well, just the GPS will be charging now – that is all.

    So, where to stay tonight. I HAD to get away from the city, to the west I must go. I went to Kisatchie National Forest, and eventually found Fullerton Campground. A very quiet place, I will sleep well tonight. Yet, because of recent rains, no fire tonight or in the morn—darn.

    I know right where the fire starter lighter is kept, always. I said this before, and continue—always put things in the same place—each time. Don’t just put something down and say, “I’ll take care of it later”. Living in a tight place like the van I must. And you—Do it NOW.

    4/5—So much nicer to awaken in a forest, with no sounds except birds and no light. 5am right now. I must emphasize, I like this sooooo much better than any city.

    It’s been raining daily for a week! I went to Martin Creek State Park to stay the night. They wanted $16 for a place to park my van. With the rain, I could not have a fire in the evening or the morning, and I couldn’t go hiking around, so I aimed my GPS for another Walmart that was 17 miles away, and off I went.

    Martin Creek is a nice place, take a look >>

    Actually slept well last night at the Walmart, very quiet and still.

    Moved on to Winnsboro, Texas, a free campground.

    When I arrived there were some people here, but, being Sunday, they were soon gone. With no one around, it was shower time. I hadn’t in a few days, so it was time. As you know, I have a shower system I can set up on the outside of my van. You should have seen it, Kit, naked, by the van showering. Or, maybe you shouldn’t have seen.

    I had things to do with the van, this writing, some juggling. There was rain earlier, but it is alright now. But, I got things done by 1pm. I would have 10 hours to spend until sleepy time.  

    If it had not rained earlier today the grass would be great to juggle on and workout, but it was still wet. So, I checked GPS and saw there was a Walmart within 17 miles, so I took the drive and am at the big W now.

    Today is Sunday and I tried to find a church to go to in my travels today. But, it was between 8 and 9am and they were not going yet. Once again, I am surprised at how many churches there are.

    Remember in my last blog post, I wrote about how I drove to the grass medium and my wheels sank in the wet grass and I got stuck? Today I saw a big semi—a full tracker-and huge trailer, that was stuck in the middle like I was. It will take much more than a truck to pull him out, so I don’t feel so bad.

    4/9—Have not been writing for a few days, nothing much has happened. I checked through the internet about juggling groups in the Dallas area, nothing showed up. But, I did find on that meets on Wed at 7pm near Dallas in McKinney. So, to make sure they are still meeting, I went yesterday to the recreation center that was listed.

    The guy who runs the juggling club happened to work there, how fortunate. It is Monday now, I will return for the club meeting on Wednesday.

    So, a couple of days to spend, here I go . . .

    Recently I have been contacting jugglers in the Dallas area. One finally got back to me. Jeff Tharp as been a juggler and performer for many years now, yet, we had never heard of each other. He does much juggling, clowning, mime, and booking other performers.

    Jeff says he has made millions from juggling and performing, and it shows, his nice house is packed full of entertainment items, along with much more. Here is Jeff, take a look >>

    So, I stayed the night in the van and I used his shower in the morning.

    4/10—While at Jeff’s we called Mark Rachel, someone Jeff has worked with in the past in a dual juggling act. This morning I drove to Mark’s house.

    An interesting man.

    At a young age, he went through a head injury and had a concussion. He got through that but seizures came on him—big ones. Just a couple of years ago he had brain surgery, which helped with the seizures, but affected him in other ways. His juggling skill helped much in his life.

    He told me that he and his ex-wife wife have a daughter who they named, “Rachel”. Of course, that is his last name, so she is “Rachel Rachel”. He tells me she loves it and gets much interest in her name.

    I went with him at lunchtime to a restaurant where, each week, he meets with nine other “singers”—Barbershop Quartet type. They did some great harmonies and singing together, which they do every week. Each was between 60 and 80 years of age it seemed. They sounded great, and it was an excellent Italian meal, too.

    The people I am meeting and the experiences I have had are so varied—I love it!

    That evening (last night) Mark and I attended the McKinny juggling club, at which about 15 showed up. People did club passing and a lot of talk was going on. I decided to hold one of my sessions of 3 balls where I show how to do 50 different juggling tricks. People seemed to like this very much, which made me very good. Also, I sold 8 of my Juggling with Finesse books, so a great night for me.

    4/12—Off to see another juggling friend. Lewis Pillsworth in Dallas. Along with performing juggling, Lewis works for a company as a dog walker, he loves it. He is developing a routine with whips that looks wonderful. Yesterday I gave him some ideas to add to his routine, which he liked.

    Lewis told me that my book, “Juggling with Finesse”, helped him with his juggling in the early days tremendously in his early years—nice to hear.

    Lewis and his wife Rachel have four dogs, three of which are very large huskies. My doggie allergies came up, had to take an antihistamine.
    See Lewis here >>

    Yesterday another juggler stopped by to see Lewis and I. Kevin Hunt performed with The Flaming Idiots from 1988 to 2004, thousands of people loved their show. Kevin works now as a Home Inspector for insurance companies.

    Watch “The Flaming Idiots here >>
    ntil next week, make your life a fantastic event!





  • Blog 13 – Everyday is like a new adventure

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?) 

    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >

    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?

    Design the life you want to live, now, then live that life.

    If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website, I can send you the blog by email,
    which can have more photos. Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.
    The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful
    places and people.
    With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    I will have secrets to unfold and good news!

    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me.

    This is blog 13, so I have out here living in my van, traveling and writing to you for at least 13 weeks, hard to imagine. I am glad you are with me. Remember, if I am on my way anywhere near you let me know, I would love to visit.

    March 30, 2019—Here goes yet another Kit Blog. Each time I do not where the words will come from, but somehow they do, too many sometimes.

    I have many writer friends on Facebook, please, let me know how I can improve my writing skills, or you, reading this now, let me know.

    Last night was spent at another Walmart. In the back there was a place to park under the trees, I was the only one there, very nice.

    I saw on the map there was a continuance of De Soto National Forest to the north. On freecampsites.net there was a site to stay out, although hard to get to. I started down the dirt road and it looked too scary for me, so back to the main road I went.

    I did discover there was another campground to be found, which I did. Totally full, no room for me. Mainly big rigs, still not sure what to think of them, is it really camping?

    So, back to Bigfoot Horse Camp, the place where my van battery died. It felt weird to be there again, like the van might go bad again, but I like the area.

    But, the cold came in, could not work on juggling outside or ride my unicycle, too cold. I had arrived at about 1pm, so I would have many hours until sleep, I decided I would just be wasting my time staying, so I departed. Back to another Walmart further south.

    At one park they let the water go over the bridge. 

    The van was loaded up with wood for the fire, yet I made way through it to sleep last night. At Bigfoot, I unloaded all the wood for the next person camping here. You’re welcome.

    I cannot believe how MANY churches are in the area. On one street, in less than a mile, I saw at least seven places of worship. How can so many churches be supported and continue to lie to people? (sorry if those words bother you, I am an atheist, after all.)

    3-31-19—Sunday again. As I was driving forward I came upon another church. This one looked nice, Sunflower Baptist Church in Bossier City, LA. I had time to spend, so I decided to join them. Each time I attend a church service I try and hear words that will let me know how and why so many people believe. I still have not heard the right thing.

    I arrived at about 9am, saw the service starts at 10, so I decided to wait and see how the service is.

    Here is the schedule for their day >>
    10am-noon, preaching and singing.
    Noon until 1pm, a big lunch for the whole group.
    1 until ?, don’t know, I left after lunch, but I believe (should I say those words, “I believe” around a church?) it went on until the evening. Now, that’s some dedication to God belief.

    I have never believed in any god, it interests me how people do. In fact, I’ve lost friends when I question their beliefs.

    There is a set of questions that NO one has been able to answer adequately for me, can you?
    If you are a believer in the God of the bible.
    Or, if you are a believer of Allah, the God of Islam.
    Or, any of the other Gods, please answer these questions >>>

    1. Exactly “what” do you believe and WHY do you believe it?
    2. Without referring to the bible or quran in any way, give me five believable proofs for your God.
    3. Please give me fine “reasons” I should believe in your God. Once again, without referencing the Bible book of Quran in any way.
    4. 1-

    Will you be the first who can answer my questions, if so, please do.

    Went back to another Walmart I have stayed at before to sleep the night away.

    April 1—I give up, I am just going to stop driving and writing, this is going nowhere and I am so frustrated (HA, April Fools.) I was going to take a slow time getting here, but I arrived in New Orleans.

    There was a historical area that I heard was good to see, so I drove there – YIKES, people, traffic, tourists – Just what I don’t like. So I looked on GPS and found a big City Park, much better.

    It just turned three in the afternoon. Typing to on offline on battery power, well, there ya go. A local park is much better for me than any city, a big park is even better.

    In the part of the park where I was there were many people, come to walk their dog and walk the trails, very nice. I stayed parked where I was and had a good sleep, until 2am, anyway, my usual wake up time. What to do at that hour? On GPS I found a Walmart, where I expected to be open 24 hours, didn’t open until 6am.

    Most McDonalds open at 5am, so off I went to search, found with two miles. 3:43 and in the parking lot now, I was able to get online, even in the lot, I will again when they open.

    4-2—I was a tourist today. Kyle was out for the day working, so I took to the streets. There is a juggling group who will be meeting tonight at Washington Square Park, so I drove down and parked across the street from the park.

    French Quarter here I come (and I don’t even speak French.) Very touristy, of course. I saw many people there, though, for a Tuesday. I saw many booths, some of which had no people there, at all. I felt sorry for them, then I remembered I used to do the same thing.

    At farmers markets and street fairs, I would have my stand selling the salsa I developed. Have you ever seen summerssalsa.com ? I would give free samples, so I always had people there. I used to sell hundreds of my salsa in a day; did quite well.

    I did see one hot sauce/salsa place. Looks like they had the hottest. Now, along with my peach/mild, I also made an extremely hot one (many were surprised at how spicy hot it was.) Myself, I only like mild, so never tried the hot-hot. Take a look here >> pepperpalace.com

    Like so many older cities in the US, many of the streets and sidewalks here are dilapidated, need much work. When and how a fix can happen is the big question.

    Now I am back at the van doing some fixing of things. I looked over at the park, a nice park, but trash here and there that did not look so good. So, I grabbed a couple bags and toured the park picking up trash and making things look nicer.

    Yet, I had forgotten that I had put my glasses in my shirt pocket earlier. So, they could be anywhere in the park or already picked up by someone. I had my better pair separate from these, although I liked the lost ones, too. And, I have one more spare pair with me, too. I learned to always put my glasses in my front pant pocket.

    Had a nice talk with Liisa today. She let me know that they were having snow they live today. Here, I am wearing my shorts and barefoot, quite nice it is.

    Also, since Tina broke up with me, I have been way down at times, yesterday was one of those times. That was all I could focus on—what could I have done so terribly wrong. 

    I cannot come to any conclusions, so I will have to move on to new things and new people. Do you know of any single ladies who would like to talk?

    4/3—Today is the anniversary of the first time I got hit by a truck and went through a 37-day coma, which was in 1982. Not sure how to face it, to celebrate that I lived, or to be angry that I lost my juggling ability and had such a big life-change.

    Last night was spent in New Orleans. Yesterday I spent as a tourist, but that was enough. I had to get out of yet another city.

    Last night at a meeting of the New Orleans juggling club and I felt good. Only seven jugglers showed up, I did some teaching and also sold three books, so, a good conclusion to the day.

    On my way driving out I was just saying to myself—get me outta here. Not that I dislike New Orleans, it is that I had to get out of yet another city.

    Through freecampsites.org, found another superb place to sleep. I am the only one around within miles, I am on a river, very quiet. You can see from the photos how remote it is, just the way I like it!

    4/4—A rain coming in today, thunder earlier. Sleep was good last night, was laying there until about 5am. I had awoken at midnight, felt wide awake (is there a narrow awake, too?) If I was at a Walmart I would gone inside and gotten online, so, I know I can make myself sleep, but sleep is just not that important to me.

    I did a search on my GPS for a McDonalds, one was within 5 miles to the west, so off I went. You have have noticed, most of the McDonalds have upgraded, much. Comfortable seats to sit at, free wifi, outlets to plug into, they even bring your food to you. So, I will be here awhile today—writing my blog, catching up on news, YouTube, too.

    Have to admit, I do eat at McDonalds, too. I just buy two different things, in the morning I get the sausage biscuit, at lunch or dinner I get the McChicken.

    At this point, I am in no rush to get anywhere. Here is the plan >>

    1. Driving west into Texas. I want to visit every national park in the US, and I missed Big Bend National Park in Texas, so that is the aim.
    2. I know there are juggling clubs who meet in Houston, in Austin and San Antonio, so I will be stopping by those groups to do some teaching and sell some books.
    3. The end of April, beginning of May my friend Daniel Powell will be in New Orleans for a jazz festival, so I will be driving back to meet up with him there.
    4. Back up to Tennessee for me. I will be going to Bristol to visit my juggler friend, Tommy Curtin.
    5. After seeing Tommy I will be coming to see you—so watch out!

    4/5—Yesterday was spent in another city, yuk, I had to get out of Baton Rouge, yet, it was 8am and heavy traffic was occurring.

    Van Trouble, Again, Yesterday. Have to tell you of the trouble with the van yesterday, what a day >>

    1. Rain was coming down heavy.
    2. Out in the country, traffic was stopped up because, with the rain and wind, some wires were down crossing the road. I waited for an hour, then saw on GPS there was another way if I turned left, but with the stopped traffic I couldn’t. Earlier I saw someone drive on the grass medium and made a turn at the light, I did the same as that vehicle I saw earlier.
    3. I drove onto the grass, and, because of the rains, right away my wheels sank, stuck, again. I tried powering forward, then back, then forward, dug myself in and messed the grass, too.
    4. I saw in the line up of vehicles there were some trucks. One was towing something, but said he had a strap that would work. I went up to another truck and he said he would help. It was a quick pull, then I made that left onto that road to avoid the wait and the traffic.
    5. As I was driving there was a weird sound coming from underneath. After some miles I pulled into a driveway and saw that I had a flat tire. I did not remember how to lower the spare, so I called AAA.
    6. There was much water because of nonstop rain. At one point I had to drive through water in the street that was six or eight inches deep. At one point I thought my engine was dying, but it kept going, amazingly.
    7. The AAA guy eventually showed up, changed the damaged tire for my spare, then I got on the road to go to Costco, where I bought the tires.
    8. They were going to give me a discount because I bought the tires there, but it was still be $120. Yet, they did not have the tire I needed.
    9. So, they sent me 60 miles to the Costco in Baton Rouge. There guys told me it would be $66, so a much better price.
    10. So, the three books I sold the other day will cover all costs incurred.

    With all these terrible things happening, I am not down, in any way. I find it interesting to see how things will turn out in the end.

    I saw to the north are some national parks, on my way there now. I can only take so much of city with so manu people and traffic.

    Next it will be to Texas and Houston, Austin and Big Bend National Park. If you live anywhere around any of these, let me know, I would love to get together. 

  • Blog 12 – Frog Legs?

    Blog 12 – Frog Legs?

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)
    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >

    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?

    Design the life you want to live, now, then live that life.

    If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website, I can send you the blog by email,
    which can have more photos. Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.
    The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful sites and people.
    With this blog, I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    I will have secrets to unfold and good news!

    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me.

    This traveling and writing somehow remind of back in my juggling days. When I juggled I aimed for excellence, something I aim for, and we can all do.

    When juggling, I remember—my mind would be free of thought, I would have pure awareness, my body would be active and moving, I brought in clear focus, I would be in another world where I aimed toward the best I could do.

    With my writing, I want to do the same. Get all the right words which will inspire you to excel (is it working?)

    This feeling and drive are sometimes called, “Satori”.
    It is something that stays with you.
    I am sure you experienced satori sometime in your life.

    For me, it is aiming toward and pushing toward excellence. Each of us can experience and bring on satori no matter what shape we might be in. In every detail of your life, you can bring on excellence. From brushing your teeth to driving your car. If you can make your life a constant habit of satori, your life can go to a higher level.

    It’s not a matter of achieving excellence every time in all you do, it is always aiming toward and giving it your all—every time. You are capable to develop this habit, I am here to help.

    Today is Sunday—church day—so I had to go. Actually, I was passing by a small church and just wanted to see how it was. The pastor/preacher had a strong orange color coat and tie. I was one of 18 people who were in the audience. It was basically a bible study, keeping right in line with the words in that book.

    He was one of those, “You people are terrible, and you have to believe in God, be saved, then you can have a better future. I’ve heard that so often. Churches put everyone down and then offer the solution. As usual, I wanted to stand up and argue with the man, but remained silent.

    After 45 minutes, I had had enough and slipped out the back. But, the pastor saw me leave and was at the side door to say something to me. Darn, I wish I would have stopped to talk with him and the rest there. Perhaps next Sunday?
    The daily happenings >> 

    3/22/19—Just published my last blog and sent it to you, did you enjoy the read?

    Good news already, I received a phone call from my daughter, April, this afternoon. Always so good to speak with her. We plan to talk at least once a week. She got a new car! (new/used car) and loves it, a good thing.

    I saw on freecampsites.net that there is a free parking area at the Golden Nugget Casino in Boluxi, Mississippi, so here I am. I was even able to hook into a free wifi spot, a good thing.

    One thing I told April was that everyone should write a blog. I “make” things happen so that I can include it for you in my blog. So, this adds to my life, much. Have you started writing your blog yet?

    So tonight I will be staying at the in Boluxi at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, how about that?
    (Well, staying in the van.
    Which is parked at the casino.  

    They have a special lot just for campers and such (I saw some BIG rigs.) One guy I talked with said they have been parked there for a month and no one has said a word. I was parked down by the marina, very quiet and dark, how I like it.

    3/23—Well, where to today? Bigfoot Horse Camp, who would ever think? So, 110 north to 67 north to Success Road, to Airey Tower Road to Tuxachanie Trail Road—and here I am! GPS helped, too (what did we do before GPS, hard to remember.)

    A big grassy field with trees in the mix, only a few people here, birds chipping, quite nice.

    On the way I stopped by Home Depot so see if they had any scrape wood for the fire, I got a pile. And, it’s a good thing, this area has pine trees, but they don’s have branches, so I could hardly find any firewood in the area. But, like usual, I will be happy (and have enough wood.)

    I like this when I am typing to you out in the wilderness on battery power. Clean air, clear sky, a warm day, drinking a Corona Lite; couldn’t ask for better!

    I’ve also been out throwing 3 balls around, getting better all the time. I bruised my knuckle (why is there a “k” in that word?) on my left hand, so clubs hurt too much.

    I just had a big scare. At times, since my brain injury, I have trouble swallowing. At 1pm I was eating a salad and some got lodged in my esophagus. This has happened many times in the past. It won’t go down, it won’t come up, I stick my finger down my throat to make me (you-know-what). Eventually, the food goes down.

    But, this time, it went on from 1pm until 4pm, the longest it has been bad. Because I could not swallow (I could breath OK, though), I packed up all my stuff and was off to find a hospital (I was out in the wilderness, after all.) After about two miles driving I felt the lettuce slip down my throat, felt much better.

    Twice I had an operation to help with this problem. You get put to sleep (I always try and fight the drugs and stay awake, doesn’t work.) Then they put a plastic tube down your throat and inflate it, which widens the throat.

    So, turn around, and back to the camp and all the firewood, I left behind which was still there.

    Yes, I just wrote earlier about “making” things happen to be able to put it into your blog. No, no, no, not this time, silly.

    3/24—Today off to Big Boluxi Campground. I’ve been here before, like it much. At each campsite there is a water spigot, take all you want. Also, each site has an electrical connection, picnic table, and fire-pit, very comfortable. Lawn for juggling, a road for riding, air temp today in the high 70’s, a few clouds, overall, a paradise.

    My computer is charged up, my additional charger is charged up, no wifi connections at all (doesn’t matter), plenty of food, wine and beer in the cooler, a lot of wood for the fire tonight and in the morn. The only thing missing is YOU!

    While out looking for firewood, I came upon an empty beer bottle that someone left, how terrible. Of course, I grabbed it and it will go into recycling. Whenever I know I will be passing by a trash can, I look for things on the ground near that could put in, then I do. A habit I hope you develop, too.

    Another thing, I used the bathroom at the camp earlier. Around the toilet, there was toilet paper just here and there on the floor; a mess. Why doesn’t anyone simply pick up this clean toilet paper from the ground and put it in the toilet or the trash? Well I did, and you should, too.

    I try and leave a place nicer than when I came in. Leave a place NICER than when you entered.

    Remember my choking on my salad yesterday? Well, I ate the rest today, slowly and thoroughly, turned out OK.

    I just went for a bike ride outside the camp. On exiting the campground, on both sides of the road are trash and cans, and this is Desoto National Forest. Do people not think?

    When I was in Australia and New Zealand I did not see this rubbish on sides of roads or elsewhere. Someone needs to educate the American public—namely—you! (and me.)

    Then, I couldn’t take it. I went back to the camp, grabbed a couple of big bags and I went out and filled them full with the trash on the road. No one will notice, but I will know.

    3/28—Have not been writing the last few days, catching you up on things now. I’ve been going back and forth between three places to stay, each offers something different.

    1) Currently at The Big Foot Horse Camp. Here I am the only one here. It is a big field with trees and all covered in grass. So, I can work on my juggling and other things on the grass and hearing the birds in the trees is so nice. 

    2) I also like to stay at the Golden Nugget Casino. In the back is a marina and a nice atmosphere. Perusing the casino can be interesting, too. As you might know, before my big accident I was the headline performer at Ballys Casino in Atlantic City. I did not gamble, at all, same as here. There is free wifi where I park, a great thing.

    3) My favorite—Big Biloxi Campground. Here each campsite had was and electric available. Such a clean and nice camp. Take a look >>

    So, something different in each place to rest my head.

    At the horse camp, I am awaiting a tow truck (don’t worry, my toes are OK.) Yesterday I had the radio on for too long and the battery on the van went down too far. I tried to jump the van with someone driving by, but it would not start, just revved and revved, but no go.

    I am waiting for service now. Hard to get here, out in the middle of nowhere in the Desoto National Forest. I hope the tow truck driver makes it OK.

    I have no worries, I have plenty of food and water and people come by now and then, and, if need be, I can eat bugs and small animals. In fact, there is a couple here now with their two horses about to go riding. TJ and BJ had good directions to give the driver to arrive here. So, I have two new friends through this event.

    My mom used to say simple words that have stayed with me. When I was worried about something, she would say, “It will work, or it won’t” Worry won’t do a thing to help.

    I was towed to a NAPA repair place and the guy just dropped my van and me off. The driver did not even check to see if they could fit me in. The guy at NAPA told me they could not get to me until Monday! (today was Thursday.) I said I could just stay in my van in his lot until then, he told me I could not do that. 

    I had no idea what to do. They could start the van and, with my foot on the gas peddle gassing it, the engine keeps running. As soon as I let up on the gas the engine dies. So, I could take a chance and drive to another repair place driving using both feet,, I was scared, though, of the van dying again with me not being able to start it.

    Then a higher up guy got involved and put the van in. After a few hours, a new battery, and $166, I was on the road. The van was running great once again.

    Happy I was.

    It was back to Big Boluxi Camp again to celebrate. I stopped by Home Depot and got a bunch of scrape wood for a big fire. I searched the area too, and found a bunch more fuel for the fire.

    Dinner was a small salad, some big shrimp fried up and more of the frog legs I had gotten at Walmart (hard to believe they would sell something like that.) About the frog legs, have you ever eaten them? They look like little tiny human legs, so strange. They did taste good. How would your legs taste? 

    So, here I am, out by myself, drinking beer, looking at a big fire, and loving life.
    How about you?

    I was just over by the fire, I accidentally spilled my glass of wine. What came to mind right away, I thought of the song, of course – “Spill the wine, take that girl . . .” Well, where is the girl? Anyone available? (See my smile?)
    When’s the last time you heard the song by Eric Burdon and War >>

    Hi Liisa.
    Are you there, Cho Cho?
    I miss you, Tina.

    This campsite is sooo good. Right now I am charging up my computer, my auxiliary power, my power drill, and both my shavers. All the while I am charging I am sipping wine (OK, chugging), keeping the fire up and going, and smiling a big smile at the same time—Now—that’s talent!

    The only downside to staying here is in the evening and morning you hear the traffic noise of the nearby highway.

    So, here are my upcoming plans >> My friend, Daniel, is coming out to New Orleans for a jazz concert the end of April, beginning of May, I want to be with him. So, I have a month to stay around the area >> what will I do, what will I do? I guess I will find out—and you will, too!

  • Blog 11 – Loving it on the Road

    Blog 11 – Loving it on the Road 

    In Milford Sound, New Zealand

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or wonder?
    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >

    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Still be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?


    If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website I can send you the blog by email, which can have more photos. Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.

    The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful sites and people.
    With this blog, I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    I will have secrets to unfold and good news!


    Do you see life as Mostly Sunny or Partly Cloudy?

    For me, always sunny.


    3-10-19—Stayed last night with Tony Louie in Orlando through couchsurfing.com. He has a magnificent home and often has guests through Couchsurfing. Currently starting a new computer company of companies finding workers, it sounds like it will be very successful.

    Tony, as I had suggested, if you had “your own” website I could send people there to learn of you. That will bring you, customers.

    While at Tony’s I made some of my famous salsa, he liked, much.
    Have you seen >> summerssalsa.com

    Last night I slept from about 9:30 to 1am, then up for the day, I am. This reminds me of Tony’s dog. The little dog is 16 years old (that’s like 25,324 in human years.) All day his dog just wonders around Tony’s house. No direction, no sitting, no laying down. Reminds me of me, I get little sleep, but still, function fine, but, I’m wandering so much further.

    So, today, I had no idea in what direction to head. Then I remembered I had to have some work done on the van, something simple. Terry at a Pep Boys in Clearwater, FL did some work on the van before and did superbly.

    Now it was a matter of getting out of Orlando, much traffic the whole way. As I wrote before, anymore I do not like cities, too much traffic and so many people. After backups and much, finally at the beach.

    Many cars here, but driving through the parking lot I found a spot facing the beach, so fantastic. Arrival at about 1:30pm, I have some time to enjoy the beach and the area and to write to you, something I love.



    As I was out walking around I was looking for a table and chair where I could write. Then I remembered the van has a great seat and table to write you. With the side doors open allowing for a breeze, I could also look out the front window at all the pretty girls walking by in their bikinis.

    What a fabulous day.

    There are entertainers (including a juggler) who arrive about sunset. So, I have about four or five hours more to wait. Hmm, shall I juggle, or bike, or unicycle, or write, or just sit in the front seat and watch pretty people walk by? That last suggestion will be done either way.

    Right now I am going to pour two bottles of beer into my big mug and be in disguise. (please don’t tell anyone.) See my smile??

    When I am parked as I am now, I am not incurring any expenses. I do not eat much, so that is minimal. The only expense is when I drive (about 15 miles per gallon.)

    When you are renting or have a mortgage, there are continues expenses that are adding up. I like this life. If you can find a way to live out of a van or motor home you will love the life.

    Now, would I be a peeping Thomas if I am just looking out the front window of the van and analyzing the pretty ladies? If so, well, arrest me.

    About 5pm I started hearing applause, so I knew the performances had begun. I went over to see a very large crowd. They were watching John Norton about to juggle 3 torches on the top of a seven-foot unicycle.


    Great with comedy, great with the crowd, a pleasure to see. Take a look >>


    And, watch >>



    People bring all those tents to the beach–why do they want to block the sun–they are at the beach.

    3/11—At this point, I am only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night, it’s like I do not know how to sleep. I lay down about 9, my mind clicks on at 1am and I am up for the day. Limited sleep, but I seem to function fine.

    Headed back to my favorite—Alexander Springs Campground, in Ocala National Park. Last night I enjoyed a big fire, this morning, also, a roaring fire is before me. 

    I wish I had seen a bear. 

    3/12—Awoke about 3am, at this point brief sleep for me does not really matter, so I will not bring it up again. Laptop on the picnic table, a big mug of tea drunken slowly, being able to write to you—a good life I am having.

    I’ve thought about how I want to write to you, to tell you my plans for upcoming, or let you know as and when things happen. Future always changes, so I decided to write you after experiences.

    Warm enough to be how I like it—barefoot, in running shorts and a Hawaiian shirt on. They don’t make “real” shorts anymore. All I find a the store, are, what I call “long shorts” (or short longs.)

    These are shorts that go down below your knee. I like my shorts be above my knee, how real shorts are. I usually have to resort to buying nylon running shorts, which have pockets and are above the knee.

    Went to a Walmart at 4pm. I usually like to get settled before the sun goes down. Yet, I looked on the map and saw there was a national forest about ten miles down the road. So I went for it, I will take a forest over a Walmart any day. Then I saw a sign about the campground, and here I am.

    The sites are nice, grass covered with trees all around. Out my back door is a lake in the woods, peaceful and wonderful. Cannot see any neighbors. Here I am for the night, and some of tomorrow, I think.



    Didn’t stop to get firewood, since I wasn’t sure where I would be for the night. So, I went out for a walk looking around here. After gathering a bunch of firewood, I looked around, yikes, I did not know which way back to the van.

    I dropped the wood and remembered hearing the sounds of cars on a road behind me as I walked, so I headed toward the sound of cars. Then, in the distance, I saw the top of a van driving past. So, off I went to this road. I talked to some people and let them know my predicament, they didn’t know what to do.

    They did say there were a few campsites in the area – OH BOY. I started walking and walking, not even sure if I was going in the right direction. Then, after walking some more, I came upon another person sitting by their tent and reading.

    He asked if I was parked at the campground we were currently at, I said I didn’t think so, because I did not recognize anything. Well, he drove me back in anyway—I felt so great when I saw my home—the van.

    I the future I will always make sure I have site of the van when I go out looking for carbon (wood, that is.) I had gathered some wood before I went out, so I do have a nice little fire this evening.

    How does smoke follow you? I was sitting at the picnic table typing, the smoke for the fire started going in my face. So, I stood up and walked a quarter turn around the fire, the smoke decided to start going in my face over there, too. I went back to type and the smoke has been staying away.



    Hearing birdies doing their calls, so delightful.

    I am so glad I found this place, instead of staying at Walmart.

    Talked to my friend, Jules, on the phone, today. He tells me he loves reading my blogs; nice to hear. I told him, as I am telling you, please, write to me, it gets lonely out here and I’d love to hear from you.

    Jules is in the same boat as me, he receives disability monies to live. He says he wants to start living like I do, traveling and living in a van. I told him I will gladly give advice on building the van and the life, as I will for you.

    Then I said to Jules, why don’t you take a bus to a future city I am going to, then you can travel with me for a week or two to see how it is, before I take you back to another big city where you can take a bus home. He loved the idea, so it will be happening.

    I built my van so that it has one small bed for me, or two small beds, one on each side with a one-foot wide path between, or I can put a board between the two small beds, and, with my inflatable mattress, one big bed for two.

    How about you, want to do some traveling and adventure with me? We could do like I will be doing with Jules. We will have a great ol’ time. Please, let me know.

    Starting to get cool, think I’ll be going inside the van soon to work.

    3/13—Forced myself to lay there and semi-sleep until 5am, and then I watched the sun come up over the lush trees in this wonderful forest.

    The fire is started and growing. It ended up that I did have enough firewood for last night and this morning, yet I did go out and scavenge some fuel for the fire.

    For breakfast, some of my salsa I made last week when I made some for Tony. I had a 16oz container that I had filled. I had tortilla chips I got at Costco—organic and healthy, a great breakfast.

    I walked ten feet out the back of the van to see my personal lake/pond, that also made for a beautiful morning. I will be cleaning and organizing the van, once again. For the van, as for my life, I like to keep everything in its place and cleaned up. I see so many vehicles and homes that things are just randomly placed, I cannot live like that, I don’t think you should, either.

    Of course, I am typing to you right now offline on battery power. When the battery runs down I have a charger that will give it much more juice, as well as start my van battery, if I need.

    Clear skies, bright sun, in the forest—I love it.

    3/14—Had pulled into another Walmart for the night, but, my mind said, “NO”. I looked for a local park, but that didn’t look right. I headed down the road toward Tallahassee, my destination for tomorrow.

    I took some back roads and found a pull-off in which I backed in for a rest for the night; tall grass concealing the van. No one around, hear some cars on the road, but that will subside as the night comes. So, reading, some typing to you, joys of life.

    The next day it was off to Tallahassee.

    What a superb day I had yesterday, I am so happy. Yet, I have developed a cold or something that my body does not like.

    In the morning I was at Costco buying some gas, there also happened to be a Walmart near in the area, so I popped in there to use their free wifi. As I was doing some cleaning/organizing to the van, a person asked questions and said she and her husband wanted to do traveling and living in a van.

    I gave her a short tour of my van and how I do things (it is a short tour, of course, being a van.) Then I showed Fran my book, “Accident”, and she liked it much. She did not have the cash right then and said she would go to Costco and get some cash. I waited for a time, thought she had changed her mind, and started out on my way again.

    As I was heading out I heard someone honking near me, Fran had returned! We met up and she told me she had called Ron, her husband, and I was invited for lunch, superb. Fran and Ron lived about five miles away. As we got closer it got more and more to be in wilderness, my kind of area.

    Their magnificent house was in the trees and bushes, how I like it. They don’t have much of a lawn, you know how I think lawns are a waste of space, all natural is much better. They showed me the orange tree area, where there is a beehive within the tree.

    As I was walking I reached out to feel a plant leaf, Fran said, “Don’t touch that, it’s poison ivy.” I went right in and washed my hands thoroughly. But, today my knee has the poison ivy itch, darn. I hope my body heals soon and gets rid of the toxic of the ivy.

    I took Ron on the short tour of the van, too, he likes. We talked about how they could sell their home and get on the road like I am.

    After a delicious vegan lunch, time to throw stuff in the air. I taught Ron and Fran to juggle using scarves, they each marveled at their new skill.

    After hugs, I was on my way again. I have something to tell you I am embarrassed about. You know from my writings it happened before.

    At a campsite recently I was backing into a site, but, I did not check first on what might be in the way. At each campsite, there is a box to put food to keep bears from getting to your goodies. This was just below the back window.

    As I heard the bike and unicycle being mushed, I said to myself, of no, not again. The handlebar and two wheels on the bike where beyond repair, as well as the wheel and frame on my one-wheeled transportation.

    Someone told me about “Bicycle House” in Tallahassee. Luis greeted me and took a look. There was hope, a good thing. Bicycle House uses many good used parts and gets donations to keep them going; such a wonderful thing they are doing.

    I was able to give a small donation. If you are able to support them in any way, please do. Also, if you live in or anywhere near Tallahassee, and need work on or need to buy a bike, go to Bicycle House, they will do you well.

    Also, if you can make any financial donation to help keep them going, please do. Or, if you have bikes you are not using, donate them to a good cause, Bike House.

    Learn more at their website >>

    From now on, I do not put the van in reverse until I check behind first and look for any obstacles that might be in the way.

    Today I returned to see my friend Greg at http://www.loftypursuits.com/. Greg was short a person (no, Greg is not a short person) so I help in packaging candy that needed to be shipped out. Happy to help I was.  

    Like I wrote before, it can be lonely out here, please send me some words — kitsummers@gail.com

  • Blog 10 – Delights of life!

    Blog 10 – Delights of life!

    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

    YES, YOU CAN > >

    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Still be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?


    If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website I can send you the blog by email, which can have more photos. Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    And, if you know longer want to receive my blog, let me know. 

    The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful sites and people.
    With this blog, I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    I will have secrets to unfold and good news!


    Many people’s feelings are automatic and predictable. I like to create my life in a spontaneous way, always having people guessing (me too), what’s next. Where we all end up, of course, is death. Myself, I want to garner as much of life NOW, in this one and only life we have.

    We must discover what is truly ‘important’ in life and aim toward that. I see so many people who have no direction for their life and just live day to day – not enjoying their life – at all. I want to show that there is a way to make a better life for yourself.

    I think back to the life I could have had before my first accident that happened April 3, 1982, and going through 37-day coma. Juggling was most important to me at that time, more important than eating, sleeping, or relationships. I focused onthat and did not really open my mind to other parts of life.

    Have you watched this? >> 


    The accident was a good thing, I think in different ways now and have opened my mind to so much more in life. You may want to leave the life you are presently living. Do not wait for an accident to make change, choose alternatives that seem more attractive, more pleasant, more interesting—NOW! You can design and live the life that “you” want, start today, this moment!

    This makes me think of people who have won the lottery (I am proud to say I have NEVER played any lottery, so I am ahead.) Some people who win, say millions of dollars, are excited in the first week, then they go back to their misery and sad life. We have to program our mind to see and find joy in life.


    Many people complain about their life experiences rather than learning from them. Today it is raining outside. We cannot control the rain, but I find many people complain about drops of water falling from the sky.

    Rain is necessary for plants and for us. Something that must change is negative people’s minds. When you cannot change something, you must learn to live with it and see it in a good light.

    Neither disappointment nor anger can change the rain. The rain was a display of nature we have no control of. I had wanted to do some more painting and work to the van today, but the rain will not allow me to, yet, the rain makes me smile.

    When something happens that you have no control of, getting upset will do nothing to change things. I suggest that you smile and then continue on with what you need to do.

    There are no accidents, everything is a lesson, like learning to smile at the rain. In my accident of 1982, I lost my skill of juggling, but I gained so many skills in other areas. Anymore, when something does happen, I smile and look for solutions to the change.

    As you know, right before this I went through the Congaree National Park, a magical place. I just found this video about the park, have a watch >>


    March 1, 2019 – I had decided to head back north to see some National Parks that I had not been to. Heading north out of the Smoky Mountains was hard, but I will be going back through as I head south again. As you would know, the warmer weather is toward the south, the direction I will he headin’.


    How did the Great Smoky Mountains National Park get its name? The Smokies are named by the Cherokee for the blue mist that always seems to hover around the peaks and valleys. The Cherokee called them shaconage, (shah-con-ah-jey) or “place of the blue smoke”.

    As for the spelling, just as many folks call them “smokey” as do those who call them “smoky”. The dictionary says both are acceptable. Whether you say Smokies, Smokys, or Smokys doesn’t really matter.

    These visions conjure up the same vision that millions of visitors each year take with them after visiting the Park. As for the “Great” in Great Smoky Mountains, you will have to visit the Smokies to fully understand that part of the name. This national park is the most visited of them all, by the way.


    My birthday was yesterday, February 28—I turned 60—so old. I received hundreds of Birthday greetings, I enjoyed reading each one. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

    Just sent my last blog off yesterday, and I already have new news for you. I was traveling through Smoky Mountains National Park and we were in the clouds. Foggy and rainy clouds were all around. Hard to see much, especially after you got over the top of the mountain. I’m including some photos of what I could see.

    While stopped and looking around a guy came up to me asking about my van. Tyler was there in his van, like me, he had slept up there in the clouds. I invited him in for a tour of my van. Then I showed him a copy of my book, “Juggling with Finesse”. He said, “I have your book in my van right now!–-You’re Kit?”

    Turns out he is a juggler and performer. He invited me to the show he was working in, he works backstage and technical, along with rope spinning in the show. Then he invited me that night to the show, “Dolly Parton Stampede”, I am pleased to go. We talked more about how I built my van and he says he will be getting another van and likes my ideas.

    I found another Walmart to stay the night. As I wrote before, it does not matter where you sleep, your eyes are closed and your mind is off. But, it is nicer to wake up in a forest. I sleep very little, usually between 3 and 5 hours, so, at Walmart, because they are open 24 hours, I can go in and use their free wifi at 2am as I start my day. I try and find a quiet place to park, on the side of the building or in the back.

    3/2—Went to the three-hour show last night, Dolly Parton Stampede, it was great. Horse riding and tricks, much comedy, singing—very entertaining. And, with the show, you get a meal. No utensils, only hand fed food—chicken, half a potato, corn on the cob, and such. It tasted surprisingly good and there was much to handle.

    Watch this video to learn more of the Stampede >>


    Often I find a McDonald’s (who have free wifi) that also has electrical outlets to charge my laptop, I could not find anywhere here that power outlets this morning. Then I remembered about libraries. Every city has them and, along with free wifi, electrical connections are available, too, here I am for the day.

    Of course, as I do when I go to any library, I tried to sell them my books. She loved the books but said she could not directly buy. She took my info and said she would buy later. But, I have gone to libraries who buy them on spot for cash.

    3/3—Spent the night last night in the library parking lot, no one around. It was very quiet (it’s a library, after all.)

    In the afternoon/evening I met up with Niels Duinker, an excellent juggler from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He is performing at ???

    Curently in this show, he does a great job         https://www.comedybarn.com/pigeon-forge-show


    We met up with another performer and went to a new see a show at the Buttonwillow Civil War Theater. Just two performers, I learned much about the history of the US.

    After the show Niels took us to an all you can eat Chinese food place, and, yes, I ate all I could—stuffed myself. Quite tasty, they offered many different things. So, a perfect day with my friends. Learn about Niels here >>https://www.comedyjuggler.com/

    Alone again tonight and tomorrow. Alone, but never alone, I have animals, bugs and plants to keep me company when I am out in the wilderness. Often, these can be better company than humans (but not you, of course.)

    3/5/19—Went through more of the Smoky Mountains. But, I was returning on the same road that I came on and it was closed because of snow and ice. I ended up driving three times the miles, but I saw other parts of the park.

    The only animals I saw in the Smokies were some squirrels and birds, no bears, darn. The weather is cold, below freezing, time to head back to the south.

    Tonight I am going to a meeting of the Atlanta Juggling Club in Atlanta, GA. I will run some workshops and sell some books, I am looking forward to a good time.

    I had expected 25 jugglers showing up for their juggling club, only six came out. I did some coaching and sold one book to Lucy, a very good juggler who I helped with her 5 club juggling.

    3/6—Woke up quite cold at 3am, which is my usual wake up time. Hard to get going with it that temperature. I put on my propane heater to bring in some warmth and got things together. Then I jumped behind the wheel and off I went to an all-night food place and went inside for the warmth and their free wifi to write to you.

    I was going to stay in the Atlanta area for a few days, but I need to head south, to the warmth, you see, the cold came in strong. The reason I had come north was to go to The Smoky Mountains National Park, I am glad I did, but time to return to warmer weather.

    Strange not to know what direction or destination to aim for. South, yet, but where? I think I will head down to Florida again and then head west from there. Want to join me?

    I had forgotten about couchsurfing.com to find people to stay with. So, this morning, I got on there and, within five minutes, found Tony in Orlando, Florida, who I will be staying with on Sat and Sun.

    So, I have a few days to kill time (what a terrible word, I would not “kill” time). Looking south, I am seeing many Wildlife Management Refuges I could stay in, I will let you know later how that turns out.

    I carry enough food and water with me to last at least a week, so that is no problem. Also, I could fast (and I do it really quick) for a time, which I have done for five days before and it does not hurt me at all. I seldom get hungry, I may just stop eating for a week, I will let you know.

    Over one hundred miles south now, I came to Ocanee National Forest to see what I could see. A bunch of trees and wilderness, no one around, how I like it. I am typing these words as I am glancing out at a wonderful forest, how nice.

    With the sun out, in the van is warm now, the cold is outside and hanging around. As I get toward get more into Florida it will become warmer and warmer. Yet, before I get there , there are some other National Forests I want (need) to see.

    3/7—As I was driving I started to see pine trees—along with palm trees—I knew I had crossed the border into Florida.

    Going forward, I happened upon something very colorful on my right. The vision pulled my eyes in, therefore the van went too and parked. So colorful, so unique, I had never seen anything like it.


    www.BarbervilleYardArtEmporium.com was a great find. A huge place, I ventured into most parts of it.

    Normally art does nothing for me, boring, you can see it in a book. But this place was different, something special around every corner. Two acres of pleasant sites and things. Animals, lamp posts, windmills, planters,

    Back to Alexander Springs Campground in Ocala National Park was my aim. 80 degrees with a cloudless sky – WOW, much nicer than up north.


    I figured out why I like this campground so much appeal for me. Everything is kept so clean and nice, also, each campsite has much foliage around it, you can’t see your neighbor and they can’t see you.

    It is like each campsite is an island on its own. And, there are the springs for swimming and showers to wash up. If you ever have a chance to come here, do, you will love it. Take a look again – ???

    Yet, there are animals. I had left my cooler out on the picnic table overnight. Something had learned to open the latch. Most of my stuff was in bottles or sealed, I had a small plastic bag with some leftover shrimp, which this creature enjoyed, I was happy to feed this creature.

    Speaking of shrimp, last night I treated myself. I made a wonderful pasta dish. Angel hair noodles, topped with creamy Alfredo sauce with shrimp and fresh parmesan cheese.

    I thought I made too much, but somehow I consumed the whole thing. Smiling while I write these words right now. Along with a few glasses of wine, it made for a superb evening.

    As I am sitting here at the picnic table typing, I am hearing a few different bird calls coming in, along with a woodpecker pecking away. And, as I did last night, I had another big fire to keep me warm this morning. What a tremendous start to the day.

    Yesterday an older couple (wait a second, I’m older, never thought of myself that way) happened to be walking by as I was cleaning the van out. He noticed my unicycle and said he had his with him. He said he loves to ride, but can’t free-mount (getting on without holding onto something.) So, I went down and showed him how, he will be working on that in the future, he said.

    Right now there is a bright red cardinal bird hopping around my campsite, boy, I love life.

    Got a few projects done that I have been meaning to do, that’s a good thing. A great day so far.

    I enjoy writing to you.

    Are you enjoying reading my words?

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