• Chicago to Branson, MO

    Still making my way across the country.  Enjoying my time, much.

    The juggling workshop last weekend in Chicago went well. One of the jugglers, an intelligent 10 year old, Jacob Peterson, wrote, “I benefited greatly from the workshop. I am anxious to get going with my street performing”. I asked Jacob to throw up 5 clubs, he told me he had never done that.  I coached him and he was getting it going good.

    I am writing this from the home of Dick Franco in Bramson, Missouri (check out his profile), who is quite the juggler. So, my tour continues.

    Last night I saw Dick and his step-son, Ty, perform.  Dick comes out and ask the audience is there is a young person who will come and learn to juggle.  Of course, Ty is the one who wants to learn.  Ty is a good actor and they perform like he is really just learning. It ends up that Ty does this amazing juggling and the audience loves it. Also, of course, Dick does a fantastic job with his juggling, too.  

    I am having a great time traveling the country and seeing friends, wish you could be here.

    Bye for now>>>>Kit

  • The 2nd day, Chicago

    The beginning of my writing of my big trip away. After going through a divorce after a 23 year marriage; getting hit by a truck–the second time in my life; having to spend a month in jail, I very much need to departure from my normal life.

    So, here’s the plan: After the workshop in Chicago this weekend I will be off to Branson, Missouri to stay a few days with Dick Franco before I go to do a workshop in Kansas City the following weekend. Next is a workshop in Boulder Circus Center. Then to Las Vegas for a workshop, finally ending up in San Diego to stay with my mom a few weeks.

    On September 21 I will be flying to Australia where I have workshops set up. On October 26 I will be off to New Zealand where I have workshops set up, too. My flight back to the US is scheduled for November 30, then I drive back to my current home, which is up for sale now. I will be writing more to you soon.