• Blog 9 – Still Having a Great Time! 

    Blog 9 – Still Having a Great Time! 
    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

    YES > >

    ==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!

    ==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.

    ==You will still be able to live life getting very little sleep.

    ==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!

    == I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.

    ==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?



    My birthday was yesterday, turned the big 6-0. In my youth, 60 always seemed soooo old, like you were almost dead, but I have so much more to do and ways to add to the world in a good way. I celebrated by myself in the van having a glass of wine and some good cheese, my party by myself.

    I heard from hundreds of friends wishing me a Happy Birthday, so nice to receive. 

    It has been a little cold, but comfortable. I had just wanted to go up to these two national parks that I had not been to. I will be heading down south again soon for the warmer weather.


    2/23/19—Through freecamping.org I found a superb place to stay. Pretty much an open field with some trees interspersed, it is first come-first serve spots. I arrived on a Saturday, but still found a spot with a picnic table and fire-ring. Very quiet, quite comfortable, I like this spot.

    West Tower Hunt Camp—A good find.

    See how nice >> https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/osceola/recarea/?recid=75108

    When I first arrived a guy said there is a pond about three miles away where there are gators—yes—Crocagators (or, better known as alligators.) I wanted to pet one, so I drove the three miles to the pond, no gators were to be seen. But, I did stop on the way back and picked up a bunch of firewood. I expect to return to pet a gator. , this will add up to a better world for you.

    Did much more improvements to the van, cleaning, and advancements. The van is my world, for yourself, when you can make every part of your life excellent, your life will run much smoother. Refine every detail of your life and you will welcome a much more comfortable life.

    I was planning on spending three or four days at this wonderful free campsite.

    So, I was greatly enjoying there, yet, after a few hours, an old fat guy and his wife pulled into the spot next to me. At first, it was alright, but then he started his noisy compressor for power. After a time I saw him out by the compressor and I asked him how long he was planning to have it on. He told me there were no noise restrictions here, so he said he would be having it on 24 hours a day.


    You can see his noisy compressor in the back. After a couple of hours of the noise, I went over there to talk with him – I saw that he was using the power to run his fucking TV in his trailer with all the windows covered – talk about getting back to nature.

    I could not stand it, so I packed everything up, but left so much wood I had gathered for the fires. Right before I left I accidentally unplugged his power from the compressor, whoops.

    Once again I looked on freecamping.org and saw Jacksonville, Florida – Yikes – I could not go to another city. So, I looked beyond, east toward the coast. I found “American Beach, Burney Park” – and off I went. Passing through Jacksonville was a pain, with the traffic and people, after being in that fabulous national Park.


    Yet, it was only a total of about 55 miles of driving. I arrived as the sun was just going down, so I could still see well. Many mansions, I found, what I thought was the right road that brought me down to PARK ON THE BEACH! So, I had a better view than all these million dollar mansions.

    I am parked right on the beach (which was hard sand) and I can hear the waves gently breaking on the shore, I should sleep well tonight with this sound in my mind. As I am typing this right now it has already gotten dark outside. So, until the morning, I will miss you.


    2/24—Yes, a comfortable sleep, yet, as usual, I awoke about 3:30am. I layed there as I awoke in delight. While waiting for the sun to pop up I fried up some potatoes and onions, a delicious breakfast. In the van, I have good lighting so I can see well.

    On eating—I used to scarf down my food, now I cherish every bite of food. I learned to eat slow and meaningfully. You can just eat, mouthfuls going down your gullet, or you can savor every bite you take.

    Today I discovered that I went to the wrong beach yesterday after all (yes, it was wonderful sleeping while parked on the sand.) On the internet, I found the right place, a big parking lot with bathrooms and showers, just my cup of tea. Not many here, I set up to stay for the night.

    I went for a swim in the cold Atlantic Ocean, and then they had showers so I am expertly clean. Quite a nice day for me and was looking forward to spending a few days here.

    About 11am I saw a sheriff driving through, I went up to him to check and see about staying overnight. He said they used to allow it, but too many homeless (I’m not homeless, I bring my home with me) and drug problems going on, so they no longer allow it. He said from midnight to 5am no one can be here.

    Much of what I drove through the last couple days was like driving through a tropic forest—very nice. This is a very beautiful area, many islands connected by bridges. Amelia Island was quite interesting.

    Here you go, take a look >>


    Where to next is the question. Up north is the cold, but, that is my choice. You see, somehow I missed going to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which states North Carolina and Tennesee. You see, I want to go to all the national parks in America, including the ones in Alaska and Hawaii (hmmm, might be difficult driving the van to Hawaii.)

    In 1978 I lived in Hawaii for 4 months. I went with my juggling friend, Barrett Felker and we put in hundreds of hours of juggling practice. I may have gone to Haleakala National Park at that time, but I would love to visit again.

    Feb 24-25–My first stop, again found through freecamping.org, Towns Bluff Park and Heritage Center, I was the only one here in this huge park THE WHOLE TIME! It’s been fantastic. There is a large grass field where I parked to do some juggling, biking, van improvements, and van painting. So quiet, so nice, couldn’t have asked for better (unless you were here, of course.)

    Right now as I am typing these words I am touch typing while looking out at the cool river. Beer in hand, well, not while I am typing, nice sunny day, so pleasant.

    It’s a Monday, so I understand why no one is here.

    I just watered my plants, twice a week water, and nourishment. I take the plants outside when I water them. Did you know I grow lettuce, cilantro, and spinach in my sun windows? After I got the van I thought of it, of course, plants need sun, they get much in the sunroof windows. In the past, my plants have made good meals for me. Yes, I have a mobile vegetable garden.

    This place, where I am all alone, even has a bathroom with hot showers. I would love to stay for many days, but I must be moving on tomorrow.

    Took a nice shower in the morning, after a good sleep. Approaching this day with a smile on my face looking for more exciting things down the road.

    Feb 25-26—Somehow I ended up at a different National Park than I was aiming for, surprising myself, a small one in South Carolina, Congaree National Park. There are many hikes here, I took one and it was swampy, but saw good things, hopefully, the photos came out good. I’m glad I ended up here, very different it is .

    Congaree National Park is a 26,276-acre American national park in central South Carolina. The park received its official designation in 2003 as the culmination of a grassroots campaign that began in 1969. The park preserves the largest tract of old growth bottomland hardwood forest left in the United States.

    Learn about Congaree, here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLgHEVOo7DE

    Feb 26-28—The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennesee is breathtaking (hey, where’s my breath go, did you take it?) Because the freeway and another big road was closed because of rain and mudslides, it was difficult to get to the entrance, but after many miles of driving around I got there yesterday.


    I got into the park on the 28th, but wanted to get these words to you before I go exploring the park, which I will do in the next few days.

    Did you know that GSM national park is the most visited national park in the nation? I will b e writing in detail of GSM in my next blog to you.

  • Blog 8 – Staying South for the Warmth

    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

    YES > >

    ==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent.

    ==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.

    ==You will still be able to live life getting very little sleep.

    ==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event. 

    == I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.

    ==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?


    Each Saturday I look at empty pages and wonder how I will fill them to post my blog the following Friday which will inspire you. As you know, I find the words. Are you enjoying my writings?

    So, recently I have stayed in the cities for the internet. Right now I am away from any wifi and telephone signal, I like it that way. Back in Ocala National Forest, so nice here. Spending three days working on van improvements and other efforts.

    I am including photos of the van with this post, you will have to let me know what you think of my home.

    Good thing for me gas prices for me continue to remain at around a low two dollar price.


    As far as the weather, where I was living for over 25 years it is below freezing and snow on the ground. Here today I should be in the 80’sf (25c) and clear (I like this much better down here.)

    Something strange I was thinking about, the van is really all I have. If it were to break down or if someone crashed into me, I would have no transportation and no home. I work toward keeping the van in top shape, so I do not have many worries. I know I will always find a way, anyway.


    My friends, Barry and Sue Bakalor lost everything as their multi-million dollar home went up in flames during the big fires in California. Yet, they are finding a way back, as we all do.

    A few have written to me letting me know they have been inspired by my writings, so great to hear! And one person in Europe let me know I have motivated them to do the same as I am doing in Europe, makes me happy when I am able to change someone’s life to better.

    2/17—Last night I spent at Big Scrub Campground, I was curious on this campground in Ocala. It ended up being a campsite with no trees and nothing to see, so simply a place to sleep for the night.

    Looked like this was more for ATV’s and motorcycles, there were trails going off.

    But, they did have hot water. I was going to let my hair grow back, but, I took a blade to my head once again. This time it went smoother and no cuts. Not sure how long I will keep the bald head, but I will.

    2/18—Today I went to somewhere I know and love – Alexander Springs Campground. So nice, but at times you hear cars out on the highway, After getting more done on the van, I will sleep well tonight.


    Then, the next day, I went back into the springs, what a joy. This natural spring is so clean and warm, all year around. After I jumped into the shower, I am quite clean now.


    While at the Springs I met Jerry and Kathy Powers, a wonderful couple. They were there in a very big motor home. They still have a physical home, I encouraged them to sell the home and take to the road—which they want to do—great to hear. They loved learning their new skill of juggling.

    I heard them say they were going to a laundromat to wash some clothes. I had some and they did them for me, no charge. What wonderful new friends Kathy and Jerry are.

    All day today I mistakenly wore my shirt inside out—as you know—I don’t care how I look.

    At this point, I have done all my scheduled things. Now I have no schedule or direction; an interesting dilemma. This life I am living is making me so very happy, so interesting not knowing where you will be sleeping or where you are going.

    What a fabulous day this has been.

    Then, I moved on to Rainbow Springs State Park. Not much to say about the place, a nice park to sleep in, though.

    2/19—A strange day, once again. I decided to stop by to see the Tallahassee Juggling Club, who meet at FSU in a pedestrian park area from 11:45 to 4pm.There were Hare Chrisna people giving out food, so I did. Who would pass up a free lunch.

    But, it was soooo difficult to see all the beautiful college people. I remember my younger days when college students looked so old, now the opposite. Pretty girls who were in great physical shape wondered by by the droves.

    I can hear you now saying, “Kit, you dirty old man!” Well—you are wrong! I took a shower that morning, so I was quite clean. And, age does not mean a thing, I still have the mindset of a 23-year-old.




    At the college, along with Hare Krishna, there was a bible thump-er, too.

    For me, religion never made any sense. I attended churches of various religions hundreds of times, always listening for words that would show me a way to believe—never could. This God I hear of knows me well, I would think and knows what it would take to make me believe—never has happened.

    Right now I am typing these words from the tabletop in my van and looking out over a fantastic forest, couldn’t ask for better. Did God make this? NO.

    At the college there was a preacher guy yelling out to the students about the bible, seemed as though none were listening, and some were cracking up. It bugs me that people like that can just spew words and expects everyone to listen, a sad thing.

    When attending church services, the pastor or preacher or ? just says words out to the people and they “have” to just sit there and take it in. So often I have wanted to argue with whoever was up there, but didn’t.

    This time I did! I walked right up to the guy yelling bible words at the crowd and just stood in front of him. I told him of my non-belief in any God and he started telling me why I SHOULD believe. He said,

    “You must believe so you have a chance to be saved.”

    I asked, “Saved from what?”

    He said, saved from the evil of this earth. I said, to be able to go to Heaven to be with God after you die. “What it really is is you get saved from this evil god who will send you to suffer in torment in hell for eternity if don’t believe in him. (something I can’t do.)

    From what I know, this is the only thing you have to do to make it to heaven.

    Can you say this word with me – “ridiculous”.

    Then I went on to say, “Yes, saved from this hell that God developed where he will send me if I do not believe in him.” I did some other arguing with him, too. These guys should not have the right to just preach to the masses.

    I said to him, “Say there is a guy who rapes and then kills an innocent little 12-year-old girl. While behind bars this guy “finds God”. So, now, on his deathhe goes to heaven. While the little innocent girl, whom he raped and who never believed in any God, she is sent to hell for eternity.”

    I said to the guy, “Is this fair?” He hemmed and hawed some words and basically said that his god said so, then it is right.

    I told him he was an immoral and evil person, just like his god is, if he agrees with this.

    His yelling at the crowd subsided shortly after I talked with him.

    An interesting sparring match (I won.)

    What I ask “believers” who want to debate is >>

    1) Please list “five” evidential proofs for your God with no reference to the bible.
    2) Please give “five” reasons I should believe in your God. Once again, with no reference to the bible book.
    Usually, they cannot complete this task.
    How about you, are you a believer?
    Can you answer these two questions in a clear way?


    For tonight I parked in a sparse residential area within the trees, very nice for the night.

    It’s a hassle to keep shaving the scalp, so I am just going to let it grow. Down to my ankles? You tell me.

    I must say, such a comfortable lifestyle I am leading. I simply find a place where is safe and quiet and dark and I am good for the night.

    2/21—Went to visit my friend from my old juggling days, Greg Cohen in Tallahassee, Florida. He started his company more than 25 years ago and things continue to grow. A variety of breakfast in the morning, to homemade ice cream, to unique candy developed by Greg, to juggling items—a unique combination for a shop—and it works—quite well. Take a look >>> http://www.loftypursuits.com/

    Greg is taking his daughter out to a science convention which is out of town for the weekend, said we could meet up again on Monday (it was Thursday at the time.) What was I to do for three days?

    I saw that Apalachicola National park was near—so off I went.

    Not knowing of where National Park Campgrounds (I have a card to stay at the sites for half-price), I decided to stop by a library to ask (and also to sell books to, as I have done in the past.) She took my information about my books, said she could not directly purchase. She helped to find National ParkCampsites, but came up with nothing.

    As I was exiting in my van I saw another van which looked like it was set up to travel like I do. I stopped and went to talk with the two who were in the van. A young couple, I learned that, like me, they also live in their vehicles. Later I discovered Bethany has her own vehicle which was back at the camp.

    Bethany and Cole were at the library at check out some books for reading, but learned that it cost ten dollars just for a library card, so they decided no. Cole was so happy that I gave him one of the books that I wrote.

    In our talk, I learned that they found a campsite through freecamping.org, and I asked if I might stay there. They said, “Sure, follow us. A campground I would have never found, happy I hooked up with them.

    Wood Lake Campground offered much, I was surprised at what this free campground had. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire-ring, there is a bathroom and it is next to a lake – fabulous! And, as I am discovering right now, there are free mosquitoes, as one is buzzing around my ear.


    As you know, I do not sleep much, but slept until about 3:30 this morning, that’s late for me. About 7:15 I had a visit by Bethany’s dog. My van doors were open, so he hopped right in and sniffed around and wanted pets. And, Cole has two large dogs, too. The three dogs together play the whole time, great to see.

    As I discovered, Cole and Bethany do not travel together, they each have a travel van and meet up various places. Yes, their dogs are great friends with each other, I am sure they love to hook up again.

    Cole does artwork, with cans of spray paint. Bethany also works while traveling to pay her way.

    There are other people living at the free campground, too. There is supposed to be a 14-day limit, but some look at though they are permanent. With their old travel trailer, they are settled in well.

    A very drippy day today, not really raining, it is like the clouds are gently leaking. I was hoping to get some painting and work done to the van today, it will have to wait.

    2/22—As I was heading off toward, I saw a small sign saying, “Leon Sinks Geological

    Area”, I decided to check it out. This is still in Apalachicola National Park, which is as big as Rhode Island.

    There is a two and a half mile walk that takes you to the “sinks.” I did the walk, very pleasant. Really not much to see, but a nice walk.


    So, another Friday, have to get this blog to you. Quite lonely I am out here, I’d love to hear from you. Have no schedule or time, just heading somewhere. You will find out where (and I will, too) by next Fridays blog.  


    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–YES > >
    ==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent.
    ==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    ==You will still be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    ==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event.
    == I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.
    ==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?
    Feb 10—A rainy day in Florida, yuck, I have a lot of things I want to get done, too—Painting, juggling, unicycling—hard to do in a downpour.
    Went to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, FL, after paying the $4 fee, off to see the lake. Because of the rain today, there was no one here. First I walked down to see the lake, yes, it is a lake, nothing special.
    Back and forth I go >> City and then something like >> https://lakelouisastatepark.com/
    There I was, alone in the parking lot, with a light rain falling, a splendid view of the lake out my windshield, what a perfect time to chop my hair off—I mean—all of it. Starting with my armpits, then, “down there”, then up top.
    The electric hair clipper would not get down to the skin, a few millimeters of hair is left. I will apply a razor later when I have a mirror.
    I looked in the van mirror and my scar from my brain injury is so prominent, you will see from the photos.
    Actually, I had to have two brain surgeries. The night I got hit by that truck, to much blood was rushing to my head, so I had the first, a craniotomy, the night of the accident. The next day there was more blood build up, so they did another in the back. Scars in both places on my head.
    I have wanted to do this for the longest time, finally time. Have you ever shaved your head? (no, not you, Barry.)
    A few times when I had a mustache and I shaved just one side off. Took most people a while to notice. How about you, do you look at people clearly and intently?
    Something I have thought about in the past is just shaving one eyebrow. I wonder how many people would notice? Shall I? Like I wrote before, I do not care what anyone thinks of me, in any way.
    I was going to wait until I had a full mirror and hot water, but I could not wait. So, looking in the rain covered windows, I could see my face somewhat, so I attacked my hairs with a blade. Made a few cuts to my scalp, but the hair is gone.
    Why just now a car was driving by and they started pointing out the window and laughing, not really. But, as you know, I do not care what people think.
    It actually feels good to have a clean shaven head, you should try it sometime.
    Also, with the rain, I brushed and toweled off the van, the rain will do the final rinsing. I’ve been doing a lot of improvements to the van with paint and otherwise, I will take photos soon so you can see. 12:15 pm now, the rain has stopped. Just feeling the baldness on my head—feels kind of neat.
    As you know from before, in the sky windows in my van I have plants growing below the windows. One side is cilantro and lettuce, the other is spinach. A recent planting, when they are big enough they will make a delicious meal, as they have before. Rain is the best H2O for your plants, I moved them out to the road to soak in the rainwater.
    So, I just went to the camp bathroom and cleaned up what I did use hot water and a mirror. Something strange I had never noticed, I have wrinkles on the side of my forehead that had the surgery, yet none on the other side.
    Must tell you, I have been crying today. So many loses I have dealt with me my life, the latest, the loss of Tina, has hit me hard. Then, of course, that leads back to my big accidents in life. So much loss of what I once could do.
    I shaved my head, now I feel it and feel all the dents it contains. Feeling sorry for myself? Perhaps, but I have no idea what kind of life I would want. If you know me, you know that I am usually very positive and hopeful. This is a hard time I am going through right now.
    Also, currently going forward with no schedule and no direction—like a lost boy looking for home? The way I built the van it is very comfortable to travel in and live in. Yet, a lonely life, I am glad you are there, I would love to hear from you.
    Came upon this bird, just hangin’ out.
    Who knows what kind it is?
    Last night was the Tampa Juggling Club meeting, I was there. Saw some good young jugglers, I was coaching as I could. Take a look >>
    Aaron Bonk—Yes, Aaron was there, did some great juggling.
    I can only last a few days in a city with all the vehicles and people and commotion, then I need to get back to the woods—the wilderness. So, I will attempt to find some parkland to please my mind.
    At times, like right now, I think to myself, “What the hell am I doing out here by myself driving around. I have had a “home” all my life, so different to have my van as my home.
    2/14/19—I just came from http://bikeshoptampa.com/, they did amazing things to my bike. I had the bike with me for months and was not really operational. Chris did amazing things to my bike and it is in excellent condition now. The price was amazing as well. I am so very happy.
    After I left the magnificent bike shop I went to a Walmart to do some shopping. I have a chain for the bike and unicycle on the back of the van. I had not been locking the front wheel because it was not so good, so I was not in the habit of locking the front wheel. But, now I had a splendid new wheel and when I was in Walmart someone stole my wheel!
    I will be going back to Well Built Bikes today to see if they can help. From now on the front and back wheel get locked, as well as the frame. In fact, Chris gave me a new wheel-no charge-so good of him.
    Hope you had a delightful Valentine’s Day with your love.
    I was alone, humph.
    2/15/19—People have wondered, they tell me, why I go to Walmart. Well, the company is not so good, but most Walmart’s allow vehicles to park overnight. And, as I am still only getting between two and five hours of sleep a night, and because Walmart is open 24-7, I go inside to get on their free wifi at 2 am. Usually, I can find an electrical connection, too, for my computer.
    In my last blog, Barry questioned my poop story. Do I have to tell you, I write how things truly are for me, if you don’t like, well, too bad. I will continue to send words to you, do you like?
    Almost done with Florida, where to next (suggestions, suggestions?) I want to stay south for the heat, perhaps toward Texas? Remember, if you are anywhere near my route, let me know, I would love to visit you.
    Until next week—aim for excellence in everything that you do.
    You have that choice, always, make it a habit.


    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that, yes > >

    ==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent.

    ==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.

    ==Still be able to live life getting very little sleep.

    ==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event.

    ==I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.

    ==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?


    February 2, 1019–Over the weekend I went further south in Florida. Up where I have been living for many years it is cold, icy and snowy. Down here in Florida I am wearing shorts and slaps (flip flops, I call them slaps because they slap your feet.)


    Today, in working on my blog, somehow everything got erased. So, I am going by memory now and hope I can get all down. Actually, nothing that much happened this week, but — here we go >>

    I had come down to Clearwater because I know that there are some jugglers who do street shows at one of the piers. But, as you would know, I did not make it down there. Driving through Tampa traffic was horrendous, and all the people, too.

    I found another Pep Boys in Clearwater to have a look at my van. A small shop, only two people working there, they really need five or six mechanics. Terry was at the helm of the investigation, and he really knows his stuff.

    He looked at the front end and, yes, saw the wheels were not aligned.  Remember last week I had gotten a quote for over $1500 — much for me right now. Terry worked for half a day replacing one part and making adjustments. The cost came to under $300, that made me happy.

    As far as my request for help financially, the only person I heard from was my wonderful x-wife Mary Ellen, who said she could not help at the moment, which I understand. I heard from no one else on suggestions or any help or even an offer of a shoulder to cry on, makes me wonder if anyone really reads the words I post or cares?

    After the excellent van repair, it was off to—take a guess—DISNEY WORLD MAGIC KINGDOM!


    I wrote about my juggling friend Bryan before. Well, his brother’s sister’s husband works at Disney and got us passes for the whole day–fabulous. Four of us, Bryan, his wife, his brother, and ol’ what’s-his-name.

    The last time I was at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA was back in the ’70s, as a kid (or, as a Kit.) First time going to the Magic Kingdom. I remember everything being so big and magical, as a boy would take it in.

    At a cost of $104 a person, I was surprised at how many people were there. Please, $25 to simply park your car, pay $50 and you get better parking and a bottled water. Prices for food inside the park were outrageous. But, people paid the cost. We had gotten a very big breakfast before going, so none of us had hunger.

    What I especially loved was seeing kids, their eyes bright with wonder.

    It was a great day, but I don’t think I would go again, I’ve regained knowledge of the ways of Disney.

    Currently, I am back in Ocala National Forest, so splendid to be back. Sitting on a picnic table, eating a big salad, drinking a beers (I discovered two Corona Light fit into my big cup I use for tea in the morning. I like to drink incognito.)

    After all the traffic going through Tampa some days ago, then the traffic in dealing with Disney, I was so glad to be back where I belong–in the wilderness with the animals.

  • ​BLOG 5–Deeper south in Florida (I love the warm weather.)

    January 26, 2019–Last night was wonderful staying at Alexander Springs Campground in Ocala National Forest. A nice sleep, but I woke at my usual time between 2 and 3 am. I worry, at times, about my limited 3 to 5-hour sleep, but I function fine throughout the day.

    This place is such a lovely place.

    Watch this >>

    I hear about bears and other animals at parks I visit, but I seldom see them–darn. Hoping to see a wild elephant, but, hopes don’t do much toward an elephant.

    Jan 28-30– Stayed at the home of my old friend Anthony Gatto-Commarota, his wife Danielle and their two young kids, Gabrielle and Abrianna. And, what a wonderful family they truly are (along with their two goats, two cows, two dogs and a herd of chickens (or is it a brood of chickens?)

    I first met Anthony back when I was performing at Ballys in Atlantic City in 1982, have you seen me before my first accident?>>

    He was only 9 years old and already an excellent juggler. His step-father, Nick, brought him to see me, a good juggler, to see if he might like that path. Soon after, Anthony hit the entertainment scene, and became, many say, the best juggler the world has ever seen.  

    Here is Anthony at age 9 with his step-father Nick >>

    And, what he worked up to, assisted by his wife Danielle >>


    He traveled the world, performing in many countries. But, after a time on the circuit, he saw that things have changed, not able to get the gigs like the old days. And, because he and Danielle wanted to settle down and start a family, a change came. Anthony started a very successful company — take a look — http://bigtopcr.com/  You see, we can all change.

    Like me, from juggling, Anthony learned to drive toward excellent, what he does now with his company. From juggling, we both taught ourselves to have this drive for the best, now he is using that same motivation for his business. I did the same with summerssalsa.com–until I got hit by that second truck.

    Many jugglers are upset and angry that Anthony has gone a different path than juggling. But, he is living a fantastic life currently. His business, his family, his lifestyle–superb–I have never seen him happier. The performing juggling market has gone away, so I understand his direction change.


    How to Be Alone and Treasure Every Second of It

    Being alone is often confused with being lonely, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Being alone — it’s just a fact. You’re on your own, with no one else around. Being lonely, on the other hand, is a feeling. If you’re unhappy or discontent because you are alone, you need to change your perspective.

    Learning to enjoy spending time alone is a skill that one you can learn and strengthen over time. Sure, you may still feel lonely every once in a while, as I have, in the quiet hours after a lovely time with family, after a breakup, in the first weeks after a move; but with a little practice, alone-ness can become synonymous with contentedness — an emotional state we should all be seeking.

    Spending time alone, with you, in your own company, gives you time to recharge, identify your feelings, find your voice and improve the quality of relationships that you have with people when you’re with them. Let’s take a look at how we might develop this in ourselves.


    Many of us live in a world saturated with communication and media. It’s rare that we have a second to ourselves completely free from the pulls of social media or other people. I love being in a forest much more than any media could bring.

    The first quiet moments with yourself, calm moments with yourself, will probably feel strange — a bit too quiet, a bit too intrusive — but lean into it! You need to get a little more comfortable being in your own skin.


    Who do you talk to most in your life? Yes, you, watch your language. One of the most rewarding aspects of learning to enjoy one’s own company is rediscovering your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling cooped up or uneasy? Address this internally. Do you need a little more space? Do you need to declutter?

    Are you feeling anger bubble up inside you seemingly out of nowhere? Where is this stemming from? What triggered these feelings? What can you do, now, to address it? Complex feelings arise in the quiet. Let them be and take notice.


    Approach things with a smile on your face. Alone time doesn’t have to be dull or meditative. Give yourself the space to spend time on solitary activities you enjoy, whether it be reading a mystery novel, plucking out melodies on the guitar or researching a new skill. Sing in the shower. Dance in your PJs! This is your time. Use it how you will!

    1-29-19–Spent a few days with Anthony and his family, it was wonderful. Still awakening between 1 and 2am, then I am up for the day. I get tired, some, some of the time, but seem to function fine with little sleep. Also, I have never been able to take naps. They say you should get 8 hours, not me.

    I got to spend two nights at the home of Rita Davison. What a love lady and superb chef. She showed me around town and we had a fantastic time together. Also, I taught her to juggle! She loves her new skill.

    As I wrote before, if you anywhere

    I NEED YOUR HELP. Last week I went to Costco to have my tires rotated. They told me that the tires were not wearing right. So, I went to Pep Boys to find out why–YIKES. They said >>

    Upper and lower ball joints have play.

    Both idler arm x2

    Upper control arms x2

    Four new tires.

    So, very upsetting.

    Also, two days ago I accidentally dropped my computer! I was being careful but slipped out of my hand. It was plugged into the charger and the part that holds the connection sank into the laptop.

    But, when something like this happens I do not get upset or depressed, right away I am trying to think of solutions. That’s the key when something bad happens, right away start thinking of solutions.

    I went to Best Buy and they told me it would take a few weeks for them to send out my computer to get it repaired and then send it back to the store. But, I use my computer daily to write to you and other essential stuff.

    So, I bought a new one. What they call, an open box computer, which someone bought before and returned it.

    As you know from my past writings, money is very tight for me. I am hoping to get your help with recent unexpected expenses. If you’ve enjoyed my writings, I am hoping you will help? I am looking at costs of about $2,000.

    Please help how you can.

    If you have a PayPal account, you can send me funds at kitsummers@gmail.com

    My mailing address is PO Box 79, Hereford, PA 18056

    Or, I found this with Facebook >> To send money, open a chat with your friend, tap the blue + icon and select the green Payments icon. You’ll then be prompted to set up your payment account – this will only happen the first time you use Messenger payments – and enter the amount you want to transfer.

    I’ll be heading south toward more of Florida (where it’s warm.) Until next week, adios.

    Thanks so much for y