• Blog 19 – Are you racing rats? (Well, get out of the rat race, then.)

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)

    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >
    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?
    Design the life YOU want to live, now, then live that life.
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    ***The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    ***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful places and people.
    ***With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    ***I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    ***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!
    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me!
    Just sent the last blog off to you. Hardly hearing from anyone about my words. I am Facebook friends with many authors and writers. How could I improve my prose?
    I do know that good writing is a matter of heavy proof-reading and editing. I go over my material numerous times to get the best words to you.
    Accepting Change
    By losing my wallet and by going through my accident some years ago, I came to realize how much I had lost, and then, how much I have gained. Every change we go through, good or bad, we learn from.
    That is, if we look for the learning that can be gained from the experience. I am almost glad the accident happened; I have grown and learned so much through every accident and damaging thing that has occurred.
    Life is a series of endings and new beginnings. Many people get stuck at an ending, get depressed, and find it very difficult to let go and move on.
    My juggling and past life were gone, time to get on with other things. We have to learn from what happens and then move on to better times. You can do this; I’m here to help. See change as a good thing.
    Make the Change—We can all change; many of us (like me) have to. It is even possible for a cigarette smoking, out of work, overweight, fifty-three-year-old man, who is not physical and doesn’t work out, to change, dramatically. We have to face it, change is good for advancement.
    Yes, you can change. Not changing or challenging ourselves is a way of not growing. Each of us in this world has to see that change is good for us. Help others, as much as possible, to get through their changes. See that, everyone, at times needs help, we are all the same.
    We are not Different
    In going through my big change, some people around me were unsure of how to act toward me. These people didn’t know how different I might be. They didn’t seem to know at what intelligence level I might be or what emotions I might have at the time.
    People who have suffered brain injury are as different from each other as people are who have not suffered a brain injury, don’t classify everyone the same. Also, many people are afraid that what has happened to others might also happen to them.
    Some people are uncomfortable with hearing about our loss and particularly the anger of our change. Help these people learn about you, as you learn about them. Help people move forward toward their success.
    What’s Holding You Back?
    Challenges and changes are a way of life. From when I first attempted to ride my 14-foot unicycle to pole vaulting over 18 feet to juggling machetes to walking across a 15-foot bed of hot coals, I’ve welcomed challenges in my life.
    Many people try their hardest to avoid challenges and change.
    They don’t take any chances, so that way they avoid any change in life. These people like to play it safe and just stay within their comfort zone. The people who have really accomplished much and excelled in life have taken chances and continued to advance throughout their entire lives.
    Along with success, these people who have also had a tremendous loss. Your risks and chances can be controlled though; don’t just try something without doing some research. Growth is an ongoing process. Change is good for advancement.
    You Can Do It, Too!
    Some of the most successful people in the world have gone through a terrific amount of change. In order to change, we have to see what is holding us back, see what keeps us stuck, and then we have to get out of our comfort zones. We can’t worry about things that “might” happen, but deal with them as they do come up. You make your world, be it a heaven or a hell.
    Now on to my daily journal of the excellent trip I am on.
    5/10/19—Just sent my blog off to you, and a long one it was. Did you read the whole thing? Or did you just look at the pictures?
    After one day, I had enough of Las Vegas. After all, just another big city. So, I looked on freecamping.org for somewhere to get “away”. I was sent to Lovell Canyon Road, and lovely it is.
    (I’m glad you like my blog, Liisa, as I like you.)
    I took Route 160 west out LV and turned right on Lovell Canyon Road. Did not see anything for some time, then I started seeing campers pulled a ways off of Lovell, their campsite for the night.
    I saw on a sign that there was a campsite in five miles (not that I need a campsite to camp.) The road started to get a little dicey, with the rains last night making puddles, so I picked a spot and here I am.
    It is Friday, I have until Monday when I told Brand I would be back to Las Vegas Circus Center (LVCC). Brand owns and runs this fantastic place. The reason I am staying around is LVCC has a juggling meeting on Wednesday night, I said I would teach a class on 3 ball tricks, so I will.
    I just wonder how long I can last up here in the woods. As you might know, I get bored easily. But, I have weights to lift, bicycles and unicycles to ride, shoes to run, juggling stuff to throw, things to work on on the van, and, of course, we can’t forget the beer and wine. So, how long will I last?
    I must say, I love being out in the woods where I don’t have to put up the window covers to block out the light, at, for instance, a Walmart. And, the quiet right now is amazing, yet, I would rather here birds and animals (especially, elephants.)
    I still keep the van very clean and organized, with a home this small it is something that you MUST do. Dishes get washed as soon as they are used. Everything is kept in its place and expertly clean.
    Also, I floss and brush every night (no, not my toes, my teeth.) And, I shower every few days, too (BTW, how do you “take” a shower? Where do you take it to?) I know it is awful to smell like yourself, seems kind of dumb that people think that. Do you want to smell my feet?
    5/11—Stayed laying in bed until the sun was partially up, nice.
    My favorite, potatoes, and onions with ketchup for breakfast, nice.
    As the sun is just coming up, already getting warmer, nice.
    Typing to you this morning, nice.
    Well, should be a “nice” day, yes?
    Lovell Canyon was a good get-away for me. Did some biking, juggling and unicycling, a good time. Overnight and some of the next day was a fantastic getaway.
    5/12—Found and stayed at a Walmart to the south and west of Vegas. There is somewhere I can plug in and charge my things. Writing to you at 4am, now.
    Met today with Rejean St Jules, another excellent juggler who changed careers, like Anthony Gatto. For a time Rejean was in real estate, not he is buying, fixing up, and selling furniture and special things. Enjoy Rejean’s old “excellent” juggling act >>
    Kind of a slow day. Basically, I am just waiting for some mail to arrive from New Orleans mailed by my friend Kyle. And, of course, teach the juggling class Wednesday night.
    I found out that they do not allow overnight sleeping at this Walmart. But someone told me I could park overnight at Lowes. I will do that or simply park in a residential area. I’ll let you know.
    So many people around me, and, of course, you are my friend. But felt very lonely and sad today. Still getting used to this new life on the road.
    Had to go.
    Last night I drove out to the wilderness yet again. I can only take so much in any city. It was evening and starting to get dark and I went to Red Rock Canyon. So close to Vegas (about 15 miles), yet so different. Wish I had more time to explore, I may have to return. Take a look >>
    5/13—Today I met with Dick Franco for breakfast at the Circus Circus casino. We talked for three hours, a great talk.
    I first met Dick in 1976 when he was in San Diego to practice in the nice weather before his first big “gig” as a juggler in a circus tour. He practiced daily, I was there practicing every day alongside this magnificent juggler.
    You jugglers might now know, Dick had the last name of “Francis” at birth. He changed his last name because “Franco”, which sounds more European and also because there is that guy who writes books who uses his original name.
    At age 67, Dick is retired from juggling, after advancing the juggling world much. He has developed many companies, one of which he buys and sells classic cars all over the world. A happy guy is Dick.
    Here is Dick, enjoy his work >>
    Like Anthony Gatto and Rejean St. Jules, Dick is very inventive and has taken his drive toward juggling success and gone in other directions. I guess that is like me and my company, summerssalsa.com
    5/14—As you might remember, I had taken my van to a Pep Boys about the front end, when I drove on bumpy dirt roads something didn’t sound right. That Pep Boys gave me a quote of over $4,000, I could not believe it. They wanted to change many things—shocks, struts, my underwear and more.
    Today I went to a different Pep Boys and let them know my circumstances. They come back with a quote around $300—I was so happy. They repaired/replaced the Moog Idler Arm and the van is back to being excellent.
    These guys also let me know I need to replace my tires. So, I went to the place where I bought the tires, Costco, and was told the tires are good for another 5,000 miles, that news also made me happy.
    Right now it is 7pm and I found a place to park a half-hour ago. I do not like to park in a residential area because it might scare people, unless I find a place with few homes. What works better is to find a business/office area, where I am parked on the street.
    In Vegas, there are freeways going all around the city. Because of noise, I find a location away from busy roads for a quieter night. There are a few vehicles passing by, but it will become less and less and night falls (boy, I hope it doesn’t fall on my head—that would hurt!)
    I remember Las Vegas back in the 1970s and 80’s, there was just one main road going through – Las Vegas Blvd. Yet, the town has grown in size by at least a factor of ten.
    (Miss you, Tina.)
    5/15—Slept well last night, not the usual for me.
    Wondering where I will be going next?
    Should I come and see you?
    Then I connected with my Facebook friend who lives near Yucca, Arizona. So, going to visit Cole Wagner.
    5-16—Last night I was at the juggling club at the LVCC. There were about ten jugglers there and things went very well as people advanced. Yes, new friends were made. I sold books, that made me happy.
    This afternoon I met with my old friend Vladik Miagkostoupov. An excellent juggler, watch him here doing a new “goulish” act, you will see some amazing juggling >>
    His two daughters were with him when we met. His 3-year-old was cute, his 7-year-old could already juggle and do other circus things.
    Vladik’s father is a performer who I met many years ago. Vladik still speaks Russian and is teaching his daughters, it’s kind of cute. Here is more on Vladik, an amazing man >>
    Still out at LVCC awaiting a package in the mail. Should be here tomorrow, or the next day.
    5/17/19—What a day. I heard much about The Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, I finally had to go. About 70 miles away, I had made most of the drive last night.
    Kept looking for a turnoff to take to get off the main road, but could not find. I ended up at a big truck stop, with a lot of trucks there. You may not know, many truck drivers keep their engines going all night as they sleep, I guess they are hard to start up. Yet, the noise.
    It was hard to find a place in the back where I would not hear the noise. Eventually, I found a place and parked for the night. Got some sleep.
    TROUBLE>Before I left I reached in to get my wallet where I keep it in the van, it was not there! I checked many more places, could not find—oh no.
    As I have written before, when something bad happens, I don’t get upset, I search for solutions, first thing. I just know that I will always find a way to make it.
    I keep minimal cash in my wallet, most is keep in the van. I only have one credit card in my wallet, others I keep in the van. I keep a record on my computer of each thing that is in the wallet, with account numbers, expiration dates, and the code for the card, and the phone number to call about the missing card. This is something I suggest you do, too.
    Driving into the valley early, being the only one there, was intriguing. The whole park is kept very clean and nice, had a great drive through. Took many pictures, included are a few. But, I could not capture the true magic of the place, watch this film to see. 
    This film captures the true beauty of the valley >>
    Incredible views.
    Back and LVCC again, this is an incredible place. As word spreads, I know that more and more and more people will be here to do circus and to work out.
    My Challenge for you to meet by next week >>

  • Blog 18 – There are other ways to live

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)

    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >
    Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?
    Design the life YOU want to live, now, then live that life.
    ***If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website,
    I can send you the blog by email, which can have more photos.
    Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    *** If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.
    ***The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    ***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful places and people.
    ***With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    ***I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    ***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!
    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me!
    Just sent the blog off to you. Hardly hearing from anyone about my words. I am Facebook friends with many authors and writers. How could I improve my prose? I do know that good writing is a matter of heavy proof-reading and editing. I go over my material numerous times to get the best words to you.
    I have many new people receiving this blog, I wanted to let people learn of my background >>
    And, I thought getting hit by a truck back in 1982 and resulting 37 day coma was my big life-change. Little was I to know that things would start getting worse and worse beginning in 2009 –changes were on the way.
    There were many hard lessons learned through these things that happened.
    >>> The changes in my life started piling up.
    >>> My trust in and respect for people was diminished.
    >>> My future looked bleak once again.
    >>> I was leading a lonely life.
    >>> Finally, in 2011-12, magnificence came back into my life.
    You will see that I went through hard and tragic times, but also took a five-month trip away, first driving across the country, then going to Australia for a month then New Zealand for a month. That brought joy to my life, which made all the bad all right again.
    Also, I met Tina; we connected very well and are both happily in love. Additionally, my mind focused on finishing this series of books to help you in your life.
    Right now, I must say, this book is written to advance your life, not to tell you the difficulties I have gone through. As you read this book be open and looking for ideas to benefit you.
    I am hoping to pass some lessons learned on to you. I chronicled the following as things were occurring. The ensuing list of events is unedited, written at the time it was happenings.
    April 3, 1982 – Performing as a headliner at Ballys Casino in Atlantic City, I had hit the big time! After nine months of performing there, I was crossing a street while in a terrible rainstorm and I was hit by a truck. After going through a 37-day coma, I had to relearn to do everything physical again. I knew what today, I had to retrain my body again. No, I am not “back”, I will never be as I was. Can things get any worse?
    The end of June 2009 – Over the summer of 2009, my wife of 23 years took my two daughters and left: the death of my marriage and family was around the time of Michael Jackson’s death. A comparison I have thought much about. I’ve been devastated at the break-up of my family. Still crying daily and it’s already been a year out.
    Cannot understand why I cannot deal with this change. Actually, it seems much more devastating to me then getting hit by a truck. We were good together for many years, then, when our daughters entered the picture, my wife’s focus seemed to go totally toward them. I found out that a relationship can be one of the most difficult things that a person does. Can things get any worse?
    August 3, 2009 – Driving while crying, not a good combination. I was thinking about my family loss and crying a lot when someone was suddenly stopped right around a curve in the road in the middle of the road directly in front of me. I could not stop, and my van hit the back of their car. I later checked into it and the people in the other car did not get harmed; I cared. My van was totaled, and I have not had a vehicle for some months. I’ve learned never to drive when I am in that state of mind. Can things get worse?
    April 8, 2010 – With no van I was commuting by bicycle. With a smile on my face as I rode down Chichester Avenue, I saw a truck coming toward me as I was approaching an intersection that had a light. He got in the left-hand turn lane, thoughts flashed in my mind, “No, not again.” I saw him crushing me as my clavicle, my knee and three ribs were broken; and, as a result, more operations. First, my knee was put back together with two pins, and then a plate had to be placed in my shoulder. Some months in the hospital and rehab, again, oh the food . . . Once I got home, it was difficult because I was alone at that point, with no vehicle. Can things get worse?
    The middle of June, 2010 – Made payments toward the purchase of a van owned by Mohamed Elmani in the amount of $1,670, then he sold the van to someone else and disappeared. The DA tells me he left the state. Can things get any worse?
    End of June, 2010 – CJ and Michelle Jones, who were renting a room at my home, sold me their van for $600, I have signed receipts. Also, I had loaned them $300, I have receipts for this loan, too. They took the van and hit the road and never paid me. Can things get any worse?
    June 27, 2010 – Had some other unscrupulous people renting rooms from me (boy, I really pick-‘em), I did not see that coming. My wallet was taken from my house. I had gone to a debit machine with a renter because he wanted to borrow some money; I guess he witnessed me entering my pin number for the card. My two debit cards were used totaling an amount of $3,058.86. Police could not find the guy. Can things get any worse?
    August 16, 2010 – At 1:30am someone was in my house, I caught them, looked them in the eye. I went into the other room and called 911, the police could not find the perpetrator. Here is what was taken:
    Desktop computer, value $600
    Laptop computer, value $300
    32′ LCD Sharp television $500
    Philips DVD player $49.95
    Surge protector $20
    Cable for TV $50
    Cost to replace bedroom screen on the window where the thief entered my home $40
    Total loses $1,559.95
    Because of all I have been doing through, I didn’t care anymore if I got injured. I was going to go to the kitchen and get a knife to hold this guy until the cops came. Yet, I didn’t do that. When the cops arrived they did not find this perpetrator. Can things get any worse?
    August 28, 2010 – I was out watering my plants at about 7am. The guy next door, Craig, approached the fence and started telling me I could not talk to him ever again. He went on and on and on – I remained silent. Then he started threatening me and said, “How about I pick up this big rock and throw it at you?” – which he did throw at me. He hit me in the right clavicle area where I had surgery in April after getting run over by a truck. Of course, where he hit me in the clavicle area with the big rock hurt tremendously and hurts me still today, Monday. Perhaps it is re-broken? The throwing of the rock was witnessed by Richard Rodriguez, who lives across the street, and he called the police. The police came, and a report was written. Also, this “Craig” made a threat against Richard’s kids, asking Richard, out of the blue, “So, where are your kids now?”
    One scary man he is.
    There is past history with Craig. An ex-marine, he leads a strange life. We used to, somewhat, get along with each other. I’ve always tried to be friendly with him. Then he changed. Very angry, has no friends and lives alone, except for two dogs, in a house that has all the windows covered. A few weeks ago he threatened to jump the fence and come over, and, his words, “really mess you up”. I had hardly said a word to bring it on. I called the Trainer, PA police and they filed a report on this incident. Can things get any worse?
    September 2, 2010 – Just last night at 11:30pm I was awakened by a noise. They were very quiet, but I could tell that someone was in the house. I was silent while waiting to hear where they were, then quietly checked the other bedroom. In the morning, I found that they had entered through the window in the other bedroom, and then exited out the back door. If I had seen them I would have jumped them, at this point I don’t care what happens to me, I am sick of what has gone on. Can things get any worse?
    September 20-October 19, 2010 – The person who lives next door to me, Craig, had called the cops and told them I had threatened to shoot him with a gun (I did no such thing.) The police were at my door to escort me to see a judge. I was reeling with all these events, sent into a sad abyss. My mind and heart were looking down a path that was very sad.
    The judge read the charges:
    1) Terrorist threats with intent to terrorize another
    2) Harassment – subject other to physical conduct.
    3) Disorderly Conduct Hazardous Physical Offense.
    Shocked at these charges, there was nothing I could do; I was not allowed to say a thing! The judge announced that I was to go to jail for a psychological examination. Handcuffs were placed on my wrists and I was taken away in a van used to transport criminals. I had to suffer being in jail for a full month. You will read more of my jail time in chapter 27. Can things get any worse?
    November 5, 2010 – Out of jail now and having no vehicle currently, I rode my bike out to the bank and Wal-Mart to take care of some business. On the return, just a few blocks from my home, I somehow lost balance while riding slowly and fell to the side. My shoulder was hurt badly, but worse, my head hit the street when I went down. Right away I started hearing it—a sound in my ears like when you listen to a seashell. I later found out I would have this ringing in my ears for the rest of my life. I laid there for a time wondering what to do then slowly got up and continued the ride home. The next day I had someone take me to the hospital for an x-ray of my shoulder, which did not seem to be broken. Then, one week later I went to see my personal doctor. He suggested I get an MRI of my shoulder and a brain scan. It was just today, as I am writing this, that I saw him. The ringing in my ears continues, but, getting used to it, never having any silence is quite strange. Can things get any worse? – NO!
    Not a good couple of years, I guess things can get worse?
    >>> So far, total ​​financial loses for the year is over $10,000.
    >>> Mentally, this year has drained me a great deal.
    >>> Feeling sorry for myself?
    I don’t think so, but learning how terrible some people and life can be.
    Every change and challenge I went through I told myself, “Oh, good, more material for my book”, but, a guy can only take so much. I do not live my life in fear of the next bad circumstance coming up, I live with joy about what I was experiencing and learning.
    A good life is a matter of how we deal with circumstances that come up, face those challenges, and then use this knowledge to deal with future changes. I’m actually glad I went through all these challenges because I can now use this knowledge to help you.
    My aim in life is to bring you to the next higher level in your life by applying and using the ideas from this book series.
    ***********************BACK TO THE TRAVELS OF KIT >>
    In the last blog post, I mentioned that I came upon some financial trouble and could use some help. The only people I heard from were Chris and Dena Myers, such good friends they are. Thank you for sending the financial help that you did, that helped.
    Kind of surprised me that I did not hear from more of you, at least to let me know that you could not help right now. Maybe no one is reading my posts?
    5/3/19—Did much driving today, might have been 455 miles. Heading to meet up with my friend, Daniel Powell, in Tucson. Which will be a quick and easy drive for me tomorrow, having put in so many miles today.
    Tonight I have found a quiet dirt road to park and sleep on. No one will disturb me (unless you come by, of course.) Will be quite dark, no lights anywhere around. I will sleep with a smile on my face.
    5/4—Roberta Dolana
    Had lunch today with my Facebook friend Roberta Dolana. A sexy 82-year-old beauty, such a good day. Roberta has a teaching system for young people to learn faster and better. I gave her some ideas to get her ideas to the right people to have it take off—hope it does.
    Daniel Edward Powell
    Daniel Powell and I went to and graduated high school together in 1977. Daniel has done very well in real estate, becoming a millionaire in his 20’s. He kept up with my travels through this blog and decided to meet up with me on his way to Philadelphia to see his daughter.
    He drove his hundred thousand dollar travel van out to Tucson and we met up at a Walmart.
    I had an appointment about the van for Pep Boys at 10am. When I went on dumpy dirt roads my passenger side front sounded like something was loose or something.
    While the van was being looked at off Daniel and I went to the weekly meeting of https://sites.google.com/view/tucsonjuggling. Great to meet new friends who juggle, a few of us already knew each other. Sold a number of books, a good thing.
    Back to the van to find out the bad news, I was told to fix everything would be over $4,000. Yikes! I made sure that was nothing that would harm me, and off I went after discovering that. There is nothing urgent, I will eventually get the repairs I need.
    Next—Saguaro National Park is in southern Arizona. Its 2 sections are on either side of the city of Tucson. The park is named for the large saguaro cactus, native to its desert environment. In the western Tucson Mountain District, Signal Hill Trail leads to petroglyphs of the ancient Hohokam people. In the eastern Rincon Mountain District, Cactus Forest Drive is a loop road with striking views of the desert landscape.
    Found only in a small part of the USA in the Sonoran Desert, the giant saguaro has a slow growth cycle and long lifespan – studies show that the cactus grows between 1 and 1.5 inches in the first eight years, flowers begin production at 35 years of age, and branches, or arms, normally appear at 50 to 70 years of age.
    An adult saguaro is considered to be about 125 years of age, and may weigh 6 tons or more and be as tall as 50 feet; a saguaro’s lifespan can be up to 250 years! Taking all of this into account, seeing the saguaros up close is even more impressive; and there are another 24 species of cactus found within the park as well!
    5/6 – 5/7—Was with Daniel, so I did not write the last few days. The camper/home he drives is different from mine, his is a Mercedes Sprinter van he paid $100,000 for. Inside is much bigger and he has everything. Yet, I like my home on wheels better that I purchased for $3,000 and fixed up myself.
    So, there are two Saguaro National Parks near Tucson, one to the east and one to the west. Yesterday
    Daniel and I went through the east park, today I did the west park by myself. Both are quite different.
    The east is much more hilly, the west is more desert-like. You can see from the photos from last week and this.
    For tonight I had found a Walmart to sleep at, but I am sick of sleeping at Walmarts. So, I did a search and found a local park. Looks to be that it is very quiet and will be dark. Should sleep well, if not awakened by cops. I will let you know.
    Awoken by a cop at 1am, wondering what I was doing there. After I explained things he allowed me to stay the night and I was able to get back to sleep. That is surprising because I can hardly ever get back to sleep and awakening.
    5-8-19—So, what to do today? There is a Phoenix juggling club that meets tonight. I have a location, but the source is quite old. I will let you know later.
    Went to Best Buy to have some things done to my computer and learning from them. I love improvements, as you know, received some today.
    The juggling tonight is in Encanto Park, which is in Phoenix. Before that though, I could not stay any longer in any city. I found South Mountain Park and here I am now. Typing and editing while at a beautiful park is much better than any city place.
    Desert all around me, I love it. I will do some hiking, some bicycling and take some more photos for you. Sounds like a good day to me.
    Right now I am at Encanto Park waiting for jugglers. I started the ten-mile drive over here in the afternoon. Right away there was much traffic, much like every other big city. One big traffic jam—YIKES! And, need I tell you, seems that every big city has massive road and bridge construction, it’s never-ending.
    5/9—On my way to Vegas I was passing Lake Mead, a national recreation area, so naturally, I had to stop. A large man-made (and mame-made too, I’m sure.) Not much to see here, I was just there briefly.
    Many of the parks I go to look too human designed. Or, there are too many humans there. That is how Yellowstone is—TOO many people and too “designed”. Old faithful was, well, faithful. But, I could have simply seen a video on the occurrence. Many videos of all the national parks, but some you do have to “experience” and take part in.
    Big Bend NP was that way for me. I went to this park a few times and loved every time. Each time was different, too.
    Every city I have to stay in I type into GPA “park” and find one away from traffic. Sometimes I get awakened by cops, but I just move on. Most of the time I can get good sleep even in a local park.
    The contrast in the landscape between Tucson and Phoenix is much. Tucson is very dry, no one had a front lawn—rocks and pavement served the purpose. As I got into Phoenix I noticed many homes with lawns, and the parks, too.
    Perhaps you know of my dislike of huge lawns that soooo many Americans have. Upkeep, chemicals, dead lawns—YIKES!
    If every person grew vegetables and fruit in their front and back yards we could have an abundance of food. And, it would not be much more work than a lawn. You pay someone to take care of your lawn, you could pay the same to have someone take care of your vegetable garden.
    Tomorrow is Friday, the day I publish my blog. I often wonder if what I am typing makes any difference in the world. Am I just wasting my time and no one is reading my words? Yet, I also do this for me to bring back great memories and experiences.
    Found a park to park and sleep in last night. YES, I was awakened at midnight – not by cops, but by a bit bolt of lightning and the resulting thunder sound. Then the rains started, kept me awake. Tina always slept great with the sound of raindrops dancing on the roof of the van, I had trouble, but eventually got back to sleep.
    My van needs some work, and, Dave, who I have gone to for many years for my auto work suggested going to Counts Kustomz in Las Vegas to get the work accomplished. I will let you know later how things turned out.
    It ended up that they could not help with my van, ooog. There I was, sitting in my van, ready to go, but where and would the van make it? At this point I almost had tears appearing in my eyes. Then I remembered I had looked up Las Vegas Circus Center and wrote down the address.
    Michelle and Brand Hunt are wonderful people, and their place to teach circus is huge. We have set up to have me teach at the next juggling meeting, next Wednesday. Until then I will be seeing other friends here and might head up to the local wilderness—I have to have my nature.
    Take a look >>
    For the weekend I will be headin’ for the hills. Can only stay away from nature a few days at this point. Find me here >> https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lovell+Canyon+Campground…./@36.0852919,-115.0045288,4172m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c8a3f94bf5968b:0x661e7363c01510db!8m2!3d36.0597596!4d-115.5618941?authuser=0
    So, make your week a fantastic event!

  • Blog 17 –​ Need your help, please.​

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)
    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >

    Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!

    Live with little money and still have an excellent life.

    Be able to live life getting very little sleep.

    Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!

    See experiences that will add to and make your life better.

    I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.

    Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?

    Design the life YOU want to live, now, then live that life.
    ***If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website,
    I can send you the blog by email, which can have more photos.
    Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    *** If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.
    ***The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    ***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful places and people.
    ***With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    ***I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    ***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!
    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me!
    Hope you’​re​ enjoying my photos, and I desire that my words truly inspire you and help you move forward. Well, I need your help, now.

    Awoken the other night by the park police because I was simply parked in a lot and sleeping. I said, “but I am not harming anything.” I looked for my driver’s license and could not find it, I keep an old one with me and they excepted that. Yes, they “have” to do their job.

    They said I would have to go to the campground, so I did. Trying to get to sleep, I knew of the 700 miles I would have to drive over the next few days to meet up with my friend, Daniel Powell. I got back on the road.

    Then, driving today I was about to pass a sign saying the speed limit was 80 (yes, they drive fast in Texas.) I wanted to take a photo for you to see, but I could not find the camera, anywhere.

    Then I remembered I had the camera case at the last McDonalds to download photos and, I thought I was going into Mexico the next day, so I had put my driver’s license and a twenty dollar bill inside with the camera.

    You may remember this happened before, someone made off with my camera. I take a moment to go use the bathroom and boom. I trust people too much, expecting goodness. From now on I take my stuff with me.

    The first camera was about $150. the second about $100 (all I could afford), all gone. Today I went to Costco for gas and also checked out their cameras. I found a good one there (well, you be the judge when you see future photos) but expensive.

    I guess I expect people to be better, am I too positive?

    I don’t know what it will take to replace my driver’s license, might be quite an expense.

    As I’ve written before, I am able to do this because I receive Social Security Disability Income, only about nine hundred bucks a month, but with food and gas the only expenses I have now, I am able to do it.

    But, with these new expenses and others, I need your help. Any financial support you could help with will be great. If you have a Pay Pal account, you can send an investment to me at kitsummmers@gmail.com.

    Or, if you want to mail a check, please send it here (my daughter, April’s house) >>

    Kit Summers
    136 North Cedar Street
    Lititz, PA 17543

    Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

    4/25/19—So, I decided to head 50 miles north to Guadalupe National Park. Yet, it was Friday and I had a blog to publish and get out to you. The nearest Walmart (for their free wifi) was a little further north and a little west. Hope you enjoyed the read and photos.

    ​​The Walmart was in Carlsbad, New Mexico, so I even went to a different state. I looked on the map, what was between me and Guadalupe National Park? Why, directly on the way was

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park!

    Arriving at about 4:33, the office was going to close at 5. I was told of a place off park grounds where I could park from free for the night for sleep. There I will be later.

    Before that though, I was told that at 7pm a ranger will be taking a group down in the caverns to see bats exiting the cave for the night (the bats, not me, exiting for the night.)

    7/26—And what an interesting night it was last night. About 30 people gathered at the entrance to the big cave to see the bats take off for the night. Before that, though, there were many sparrows flying around the same cave. I learned this sparrows nest right inside the cave for protection.

    There was a forest ranger there describing things and answering questions. Very knowledgeable she was. A few things I learn was the bats take off sometimes 30 miles away. They have no idea how the bats find their way back to their cave.

    Also, these bats fly south for the winter, they also do not know how they return home again from down south. The ranger said the bats are too small to put a tracker on. How about you, could you find your way home if you flew south?

    Hard to see, for me, the bats. I did see and meet Patti, a lovely lady who could see things better than I. We talked for a bit, she is a traveler like me, enjoying life. Her husband died not too long ago and she is enjoying her life on the road, with kids on each coast.

    Yesterday a ranger told me of a road where I could park for the night about five miles away and won’t be bothered, so I did. Slept well, until 4 am, at least, that makes a good sleep for me. I guess I could have just stayed parked in the parking lot of Carlsbad Caverns but might have been bothered.

    Then I drove back to the park and did just that, “Parked.” Once again, the English language is a strange beast—you can park your car to go see trees in the park? For breakfast, fried potatoes and onions, and a delicious breakfast it was.

    5:50 now, the sun is making her appearance. Now, you tell me, is the sun a he or a she. Sun—Son, looks like “men” made it a guy I guess. I went down to the cave entrance. I think I saw a couple of bats going back into their home, harder to tell now as individual bats return. Now, these guys are tiny. (Patti, I wish you were here to help me see the bats.)

    Also, right now I hear something over in the bushes. Hard to make out what it is, making a weird “cluck” sound. Have to tell you again, I love the wilderness.

    Went down into the caverns this morning – quite amazing. I took some photos as you will see, but watch this video for more details >>>


    I walked for many kilometers, after a while it all looked about the same down there—stelag this and stelag that, so my brain said, “OK, what’s next? There was an elevator to return the 850 feet to the surface, so I did. Going down and then up my ears popped from the pressure difference. Also, you can walk all the way down, but not me, this time.

    At Guadalupe NP now, sitting under a tree at a picnic table writing to you, so nice. There are some hikes to go on, perhaps tomorrow morning. As you might be able to tell, I do like writing to you. Trying to think about what I might be doing instead? Well, here I am.

    Dinner was can of chili with left-over Parmesan cheese, quite good, really. Topped off with a glass of wine, made for a superb evening.

    4/27—This morning I went for a hike up to Devil’s Hall Trail. Sorry to say, I didn’t see the Devil, but I saw a lot of beautiful wilderness. The rocky climb was somewhat difficult for me, I did slip and fall as I stepped on some small rocks and they rolled under my shoe.

    As I was on my way to the visitor center early morn, I came upon a mule deer, so good to see.

    Photos or words from me could not tell enough how nice this place is >>

    Watch >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rPuCEaxWAo

    Driving many kilometers through Texas today, I was in the heart of oil country. Oil rigs on the right, oil rigs on the left.

    I ended up in Midland, Texas, where I will spend the night. Perhaps I am spoiled from being in the parks, but I could not find ANYWHERE that did not have the sound of traffic. I found a small public park where I could sleep, at ten PM I was awoken by a cop who said someone called in and that I couldn’t park there. Found a semi-quiet residential place where I got some shut-eye.

    I needed some strapping tape, so I went to Staples to get some. Yet, I was an hour and a half early. It had been a few days and I was getting itchy, shower time. I have plastic covers I made to cover the side doors and no one can see me when they are open, so I did. Feels sooo great to be thoroughly clean, happy I am.

    4/29—In Alpine, Texas. Last night I parked for the night in a park, yet, I soon discovered there is a train track nearby. Trains through the night, not for me. So I checked on GPS and found another park on the other side of town. As I went into the large park right away I saw a big rig RV, so I knew I could park there for the night. Quiet, dark, perfect.

    When I awoke it was back to Big Bend National Park for me, a fabulous place. Dinner was spaghetti, delicious. In the evening I went for a nice hike.

    Camping was full, no open spots. But, it doesn’t really matter. It’s only seven bucks, but that adds up. I simply picked a place in one of their parking lots and here I am for the night. Quiet, dark, who needs a campsite?

    Also, you know how I love a big fire? I guess there were too many “big” fires in Texas, you cannot build one. That is the main reason I stay at campgrounds, to build a fire.

    They do have wifi available, so here I am.

    4/30—Slept well in the parking lot for the lodge. Like I’ve written before, why pay for a place to park and sleep in my van when I can park and sleep for free? Your eyes are closed anyway and you do not know where you are. Although I do like a big fire, that is why I pay for a campsite now and then.

    Looks like today will be clear and sunny. I plan on going for some hikes today, I will let you know. And, that is what I did, some hiking around was nice.

    Found a very quiet parking lot for sleep tonight. It is off the main thoroughfares, I do not expect any traffic. Should sleep well.

    5-1-19—Last night was very comfortable, nice sleep. I’ve come upon a few people today who, like you, want to receive my blog.

    Stayed around Chisos Basin area today hiking around and seeing this magnificent place. It is Wednesday and on Friday I can walk across the Rio Grande river to Mexico. Fri, Sat and Sun are the last days you can do this. They close much of the park because of the heat in the summer. Watch this for more about Chisos >>


    Yesterday I met Marty Reemer, who is also a juggler. Marty and his wife, Carol, had brought Carol’s parents, Frank and Jane, out to this wonderful wilderness. Mostly a juggler back in college, Marty did some performing around Texas, I would have loved to see the show.

    After talking for a bit, I was able to join them in going out to http://www.thestarlighttheatre.com/. This place is amazing – So hidden away, part Mexican, part cowboy—the food is magnificent. Marty, Carol, Frank and Jane, thank you for an amazing evening with you. I just have to say, it was a magical evening for me.

    5/2—Am still at Chisos Basin, went to the campground and filled up my six one-gallon water containers. I just parked in a spot in the parking lot and slept. The campground had no shower, which I need so I will be using some of that water in my portable shower thing to get clean later.

    As you know, I like to find a deserted place where I can get naked and get very clean. And, no, no photos. I actually like to shower, next to the road naked, then in a bathroom.

    Every day I am meeting new people who want to receive my blog. As I think, new friends. I saw Gabby Blomlie at her mini-van, where she is living. Another person loving the freedom of a home-on-wheels. Gabby is a remarkable young lady who is living the life that “she” wants (and quite pretty, too.)

    Also, today I met Kathy Pickrell and her husband. More wonderful people who are on the list to receive my weekly blog.

    By the way, I made sure I had plenty of gas before I came into the park this time.

    Today I drove down to Rio Grande Village. I will sleep in the parking lot tonight, saving seven bucks which I would have to pay to be in the campground.


    Here is a video on crossing into Boquillas.


    5/3—It ended up I didn’t do the crossing. I’ve been to Mexico, I’ve crossed rivers, and I had to drive 700 miles in the next two days. So, off I went, I had connected with my friend, Daniel, and he wanted to meet me down the road at Saguaro National Forest in Arizona, currently my aim (I do hope he shows up.)

    Driving into El Paso, Texas was awful. I have been spoiled by the park – so nice it was. Now – cars, people, traffic – YIKES. Then I moved into Las Cruces, New Mexico, much calmer. I think I will be here tonight.

    Looks like I might be crossing the whole US, again, over 40 times I have gone east to west or west to east.

  • Blog 16 – The Freedom of Parks

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)

    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
    YES, YOU CAN > >

    • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?

    Design the life you want to live, now, then live that life.

    ***If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website, I can send you the blog by email, which can have more photos. 
    Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    *** If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.
    ***The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing. 
    ***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful places and people. 
    ***With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world. 
    ***I will have places to show you and tales to tell. 
    ***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!

    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me!

    When I sent my blog to you last week it came back that many of the emailings came back saying, “blocked”. I think it was some internet problem, I know you wouldn’t block me. 

    Challenge yourself! Out here on the road, I welcome challenges and difficulties. It is difficult to emphasize this enough. Whether you play basketball, are a world-traveler, climb mountains, juggle, makeup tunes at the piano, or push chess pieces across a board. These are ways of exploring the limits of our abilities as we try and expand them. Don’t just make an attempt on what you do, putting in half the effort. Put your ALL into every attempt.

    If you are going through a difficult life-change, it can help tremendously to join a support group with others who are going through the same sort of thing. These people can understand what you are going through and can help, as you help them.

    We have to leave ourselves open to the things in life that happen. People get chances thrown at them every day, and many people don’t even know what’s happening. Grab onto the dream, make it yours!

    At the time that my accident happened, I had written to my friend, Ken Benge. In my letter I said that I enjoyed very much working at the casino juggling, but I knew that I wanted to move on to something different after awhile.

    We all need changes for advancement in life. If we just live our days with nothing changing, life can be boring, we don’t grow. I’m not saying that it will take something like what I went through to wake us up for a change, but we have to look forward to change. You see, change is the one thing we can’t avoid. We can avoid paying taxes by not working; we can even avoid death with the medical breakthroughs that the medical profession is making. But we have to get used to change.

    By going through the accident and 37-day coma I realize how much I have lost, and how much I have gained. Every change we go through, good or bad, we learn from. That is, if we look for the learning that can be gained from the change.

    I am almost glad the accident happened, I have grown and learned so much since then. Life is a series of endings and new beginnings. Many people get stuck at an ending, get depressed, and find it very difficult to let go and move on. We have to learn from what happens and then move on to better things.

    We can all change, many of us (like myself) have to. It is even possible for an overweight sixty-year-old man who is not physical and doesn’t workout to change. We have to face it, change is good for advancement. Not changing or challenging yourself is a way of not growing anywhere. Each of us has to see that change is good for us.

    The world is rapidly and constantly changing. Because it is changing so quickly, we have to change to keep up with it. If we don’t keep up with the changes, we can fall behind others and this can make our life difficult. When new information and new ideas come into existence and circumstances change, it’s no longer possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s answers. Until we can let go of what was, we can’t appreciate what is. We have to learn to find stability in a rapidly changing world. Life is like a parade. Change leads to more change. One choice leads to another choice. And growth leads to more growth.

    4-20-2019—Slept well last night at a Walmart. Away from the highway, there was no noise, very nice.

    As you know, there was much traffic between Austin and San Antonio. It took a while, but traffic got less and less. Much more pleasant to drive with fewer on the roads.

    Del Rio

    Arrived at Del Rio in Texas, then I found Amistad National Recreation Area, where I am now. A desert park, I am here for the night. As I walked out of the van barefoot, I soon discovered there were thorny things that like to poke into your foot—OUCH!

    It’s the weekend, so some people here, but pretty spread out. Seems the only animals I will see out here are the humans, no birds or four-legged creatures. Yet, flies are abundant. I remember as a kid it was a game to see how you could smash flies (I used the word “smash” because I don’t know how to spell “swat”.) Now I care about life much more, no fly killin’ for me.

    Very relaxing here. I wrote and told you before that I did not just want to drive from place to place and not enjoy the areas I go to. I am more relaxed now and take my time more, I like that. Mexican music playing from someone’s car in the background – perfect.

    For dinner was two shrimp tacos, and I used cilantro from my on-board garden. Quite tasty, I must say. Have you ever eaten an ear of corn that was cooked directly on the fire with the husk on? The word that comes to mind is “exquisite”. So much better than boiled corn, you’ve must try it. After, I tossed the ear out into the bushes for animals to finish.

    Can’t believe I already have one page typed of this. Like I wrote before, the experiences and the words simply come to me, then my fingers fly on the keyboard.


    Have to tell you of Sue. When I was performing in Atlantic City in 1981-82 we had Tuesdays off. Most often I would go to New York city and have fun and spend the night in Sue’s spare bedroom. I desired Sue so much, but we never did .

    In March of 1982 I flew my friend Melodye out to see me and the show I was in at Ballys. Melodye and I were great friends, but never had a romance. Melodye and I went to New York City so I could show her around. We stayed at Sue’s, Melodye taking the spare bedroom.

    Sue said to me, “Why don’t you be with me tonight, Kit”? I was overjoyed. Then, the following week, she came down to spend a few days “with” me in Atlantic City. Much love between us.

    The thing is, my accident and 37-day coma was April 3, 1982. Sue and I were together in March, I guess the memories of being with Sue were not yet put into long term memory because I had forgotten my love time with Sue.

    We made up for it after the accident, being together again.

    I bring this up because I am looking at the collage I keep on the ceiling of my van that Sue put together for me. I see it each time I am going to sleep. This has many of the places we went to in NYC and the strong love between us.

    Sue went on to marry Avi Kendi, a wonderful man, they have two grown sons who are doing great in the world, Daniel and Matthew Kendi.

    A few years ago Sue developed cancer and died.
    As you would know, it was devastating for me.

    I miss Sue, much.

    Writing these words right now remind me of my loneliness. I would love to be with someone who will take care of me as I take care of them. We would have pleasure and happiness in the world and bring joy to each other. I’ve not given up, but it has been hard. Then again, who would want to be with a man who lives in a van and travels the world?

    Chris and Dena, do you have a lovely and lonely friend I could connect with?

    Drinking wine while I type this right now. Hope what I wrote is not inappropriate.

    4/21—Being in Del Rio, Texas, and Mexico being so close, I had to go. So, I paid the four dollar toll to get over the Rio Grande River and drove into Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

    I had forgotten that it was Easter Sunday, so there were hardly any people out on the streets. I drove around for a bit, then paid the $1.65 Mexico toll to get back over the river. Hope you had a happy Easter Bunny Day, by the way.

    Back in a Walmart now, typing and also, since they have an outlet available, along with the computer, I am charging a few other things. Big Bend National Park is about four miles away. I don’t know when I will have another chance to charge things. But, I do have my portable charger, that is a relief.

    As I wrote before, I don’t want to rush my drive, as I have done in the past, so I might find somewhere I can juggle for a while and/or ride my unicycle.

    While on my way to Big Bend National Park, I drove through the town of Dryden, and boy was it dry. It looked as though no one lived in this town, deserted it was. The next town, Sanderson, looked like there were a few inhabitants, but much the same. I guess towns in the desert end up like this at times.


    Today I drove about 250 miles to get to Big Bend National Park. It is called big bend because the Rio Grande River makes a big bend in the area. At about 200 miles to go, I guessed I would arrive at about 3:00 – I got there at 2:58. Is it luck or skill?

    What a change in scenery from what I had been viewing. The mountains are huge compared to the desert. Much more foliage up here, too. Yet, the earth is dry.

    From an elevation of fewer than 1,800 feet along the Rio Grande River to nearly 8,000 in the Chisos Mountains (which I loved), Big Bend includes massive canyons, vast desert expanses, forested mountains, and an ever changing river. Over 1,500 plant species thrive in the park, so many to see.

    Arriving on a Sunday, many people have left from the weekend. Yet, people still here, that’s OK, though, making friends.

    I choose Chios Basin Campground for my first night. Down in the mountains, there are magnificent scenes. I get half off with my pass, so seven bucks is not a bad price to pay to stay under the stars in paradise. Two thousand feet above the desert, we are way up here.

    Shrimp we left over from tacos last night, so, of course, it was angel hair pasta with Alfredo sauce, shrimp and fresh parmesan. Yes, I am eating quite well.

    This is a rather large park, so tomorrow I will be exploring. You will hear more from my writings then.

    I’ve not seen any, they say there are Jack Rabbits, Kangaroo Rats, Roadrunners, Golden Eagles and Coyotes in the area. Then, of course, don’t forget about the bears. I’ve told Tina, I would love to play patty-cake with a bear. I will let you know when I see one.

    Yesterday I saw a deer at the side of the road eating some succulent plants. I was driving too fast to grab my camera. Today I saw a wild pig on the road, he ran off too fast for me to get my camera out. I do think of you often and want photos for you to see.

    And, today I saw a roadrunner within five feet of me – and he was walking. A roadwalker?


    Last night was spent at Chisos Basin Campground, what an excellent place to see. Dinner was fettuccini with shrimp and parmesan – delicious. Looking around I saw desert views, looking another way there were mountainous views, very nice.

    This morning I fried up some potatoes and onions; tasty. While slicing up the potato with the very sharp knife I guess I thought my thumb was a potato, sliced it pretty well. A ranger happened to be driving by and I asked him for some band-aids, which he had, of course, now to let it heal.

    Where I am now, in Santa Elena Canyon, the water level is so low that I walked across. Yes, I am an illegal!

    In Mexico, you can’t cross a border illegally going into their country, as people can’t to ours. There are cliffs on the Mexico side that go way up, you can see from the photos, no one could climb them.

    When I was walking on the long trail to get to the river, there were two people, twice, who would have simply walked by me, not making eye contact and not saying a word. I try and be friendly with every person I get near, is this wrong?

    So, when people do not make contact, I simply say to them, “Really.” One guy said,
    “Oh, hi”, I said, “To late.” The other looked all flustered and passed by me. Am I rude to try and be friendly? How about you, do you make eye contact with strangers and be friendly?

    What a better world this would be if people were more friendly.

    This the afternoon I worked on some projects on the van that I meant to get to, which I did.

    WOW – What a strange day. I loved the morning at Santa Elena Canyon, yet, I saw I was down to one quarter tank of gas. There was enough, but, enough for what? I did not want to be bogged down with thoughts of low fuel, so I checked on GPS and saw I could reach gas in about 15 miles.

    So, off I went. GPS did not show that 12 miles of the trip was on a dirt road. A lot of it was alright, but much of it was like driving on a washboard. There was just one hairy-scary part. Water in the past destroyed part of the road, but I saw where people drove through, which I did, made it, too? The twelve mile trip took about an hour, so much at or below 12 mph.

    The whole way I knew that there would be no one who would be coming by to help if I came upon a problem. I would have to walk many miles for help. But, you know me, I am the adventuresome type.

    On the van I have enough food and water to last me at least a week or two. After I consumed that, I could live on eating plants, bugs and small animals. I would suck on the insides of cactus for my water intake.

    Actually, I kind of like that idea, perhaps I will head back to that road and have an “accident” or something. But, I have to continue this dialog for you, so that ruins that idea. Now, how do you feel about yourself, squashing my idea?

    Finally arrived. A quaint little town, gas was expensive. I was going to park somewhere and stay there for the night, but, with a national park so close, I had to get back to it. It was about 5:33 to start my trip back, arrival at the park office in about an hour. There is no one here now, I will be sleeping overnight in their parking lot (don’t tell them.)

    They have free wifi in the visitor center, I walked over and could connect sitting on a bench by the front door. I checked, I am quite surprised I did not hear from you. Good night now, hope you sleep well.

    Last night was warm, I went to bed uncovered (should have seen it.) About 2am I awoke quite cold, so I pulled my sleepy bag down and slid into it. Surprised at myself, I stayed in bed until after the sun was just coming up. My normal wake time is 2am, as you know.

    (Did I tell you how happy I am right now?)
    Living the life that “I” want, I love it.
    No worries, no concerns, always having a smile on my face.
    Sort of like Daniel Powell is living his life, yes?

    I lasted a couple hours at the visitor center. A few rangers came by to check on the building. I did not want to be awoken at 2am by some ranger, so I heading down the road a superb place, should sleep well tonight.

    4/23—And, did sleep well. I am in the Visitor Center area today. I heard that you could cross the Rio Grange into Mexico, legally, at a certain place called “Boquillas Crossing.” Yet, today is Tuesday and the crossing is not open on Mon or Tue. So, spending the day around here. I felt like doing some hiking, so I did.

    Departing from “Daniels Ranch”, there was a hike from there to the Hot Springs. Three miles each way, I thought, no problem. Yet, the trail was narrow and rocky and went up diagonally up a mountain. With balance and vision issues, after a mile, I said to myself, “You could drive this tomorrow, why don’t you?

    At one point I reached out to help balance and grabbed a cactus, ouch. Back down I went. But, I found a nicer trail near the visitor center. This hike went right up into the “big bend” that the park is named for. Looking over at Mexico, I saw some wild donkeys running. Hoping the photos came out clear.

    There was a trail later toward the river that was much safer, so I went for a stroll. More spectacular scenery awaited me. You will see photos of the Boquillas Canyon area, liked it much. On the trail at the end there were some cliffs with hieroglyphics. I heard they were 150,000 years old, boy, I can’t even think back that far.

    On this hike I came upon four wild mules (or were they donkeys?), it was great. I got within about five feet of them, I guess they are used to humans (hmm, am I a human?) It was great to see wild animals, I’ve seen so few.

    Remember the hot springs I was going to walk the 3 miles to, but the path was too scary. Well, I drove to it instead. There were parts of this road that gave one to two foot until the drop-off, scary it was. I did make it there, and back, an OK Kit I am.

    I walked into the natural hot springs, and yes, they were hot. I heard 120 degrees, that could fry your nose. I walked through it for a bit and then said, “OK, what’s next.” There were about 8 people at this small pool, so, once again, I said, “So, what’s next?”

    Remember I had told you about there was a place on the river you could walk to Mexico (or pay five bucks round trip on a rowboat.) Well, I was told they don’t check passports on Mon and Tue. Well, it turns out they only do it on Fri, Sat, and Sun, so, not this time.

    SO, I HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK, well, I just drove out of the park. What a great visit I had. If you ever have a chance to go to Big Bend National Park in Texas – you must do it.

    So, it’s back to, “Where to next”? Taking 118 north to I-10, I will head east from there to New Orleans. If you are anywhere along that part of I-10 let me know, I would love to visit you.

    For tonight, I saw a dirt road off of 118, so I went down that a bit, found a turn-off, I am here for the night. Wish you were with me.

    A surprise rain tonight at about 8 o’clock. (What does “o’clock” mean, anyway?) So, I took a brush and brushed the whole outside of the van, the rain will rinse it and make it clean. Then, they are thirsty, so I put the lettuce, cilantro, and spinach outside to soak up some rainwater, they like that water best, by the way.

    TIME DOES NOT MATTER. Right now it could be 7:23 or 8:23pm. Traveling between time zones I don’t keep track. When it gets very dark I sleep, usually waking before the light of day. I make myself stay in bed until the sun peaks his tiny head up, then I am up for the day.

    Drove out of Big Bend this morning. I had entered a McDonalds, 67 miles to the north to aim for. At first, the drive was alright, but then the thunderstorm hit. I was driving over the mountains in the evening and at one point I could not see the center line on the road, I came to a stop and just waited for a bit. At this point I was in a town and I had seen no traffic on this road, so I thought it safer. Boy was I scared.

    4/24—Went to the Walmart and got some stuff, then popped over to McDonald’s and got some internet stuff done. Then I found a park where I am parked. Grass and trees, nice, but there is a busy road right next to the park, so it looks like I will be returning to Walmart for the sleep tonight. While at the park, though, the beer and leftover Fettuccine Alfredo and tasty good.

    Then, in the late afternoon, I noticed on the map the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, I had to go. A two-hour drive, that afternoon I drove up to Pecos, here I will bed down for the night. But, before that, there is a McDonalds (no, not another one) and so I can get online, then I will drive to the residential area to sleep, where it is quiet.

    A strange thing I noticed, there are SO MANY trucks in Texas, and most of them colored white.

    Tonight I was going to park at a small Walmart for the night, but too noisy and not very nice. So I looked on GPS and found a park, but it was a golf course, so not somewhere to park for the night, Near it was a small golf course, here I am for the night.

    Slept well, feel great today.

    I will be telling you about Guadalupe Mountains National Park in the next blog. In the meantime, get much done this week to advance your life.

  • Blog 15 – Fun Times

    Blog 15 – Fun Times

    The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)
    By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

    YES, YOU CAN > >Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
    Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
    Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
    Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
    See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
    I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
    Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?
    Design the life you want to live, now, then live that life.

    ***If you are reading this through Facebook or at my website, I can send you the blog by email,
    which can have more photos. Sent me an email and write “email blog” as the subject.
    *** If you are not my Facebook friend, yet, please befriend me.
    ***The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
    ***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful places and people.
    ***With this blog I want to help open your mind to more of the splendor of the world.
    ***I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
    ***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!

    I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me.
    4-14-2019—Stayed the last few nights with Lewis Phillsworth and his wife Rachel, and what a great stay I had. Thanks so much for everything, guys.

    While with Lewis, I gave him some juggling tips and different ways to do his whip snapping, should add much to his show.

    Then, because Louie Skaradek was able to get me a ticket for entrance into​The Scarborough Renaissance Faire –​ https://www.srfestival.com/ , I spent the day there and had a wonderful time (thanks, Louie.)

    I saw some great shows, including >>

    Rob Williams and Casey Martin as
    The Kamikaze Fireflies

    And Louie Skaradec, Matt Connolly and AJ Lee as
    The London Broil Show

    Both were excellence shows, the audiences loved them.

    Also at the shows were my juggling friends, Lewis Pillsworth and Jim and Julie McKenzie
    See Jim here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq27mkyp53s
    And Lewis here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_J61GP7wYs

    4/15—Stayed at yet another Walmart last night. This one is near a freeway and so that was traffic noise. I got the idea that ear-plugs would help with that, as it did, slept well.

    In Waco, Texas now. So far I’ve not seen any Wackos.

    For tonight I found another Walmart, but, like the last, there is a noisy freeway nearby—I wouldn’t be able to take the noise again! So, I checked on GPS and found a residential area that was near.

    Now, I don’t just park for the night in front of some house, for this, I looked on back streets and found a place where there was only high fencing, so here I am for the night. Seems that everywhere here is a sound in the background of cars. I so much have to get back to the wilderness. (And, yes, the glass of wine is helping.

    Today I was doing some writing and editing at a McDonalds, I had to go use the restroom, so I did. Someone grabbed my camera and made off with it – DISGUSTING! I had many photos of the Renaissance Faire on there, all gone.

    So, a stop by another Walmart and a hundred bucks later and I will continue to have photos for you.

    4/16—North of Austin now, with Tom Rolls, an old juggling friend. Tom has gone through some physical difficulties and no longer juggles or unicycles, yes, as we all age. Currently a tour guide for doubledeckeraustin.com, he loves what he does and he is excellent, very funny.

    Today, Tom and I and​ his roommate, Victoria, made a batch of my salsa. Turned out great, Tom just told me it’s the best salsa he has ever had. If you want to recipe write to me – I will gladly send it to you.

    Stayed two nights parked in front of Tom’s place, what a nice stay I had. Victoria is a wonderful and warm woman, glad I also got to meet her.

    Not the same at all. Some years ago I was in Austin and loved the place. Today I was driving along with Tom to where he does his tour guide work in the heart of Austin, traffic was horrific. Once we got there I was on the upper deck of the bus and what a grand tour it was. Tom was great as the guide – he told jokes, gave a history lesson and explained all about Austin. I was quite pleased.

    After, I drove to where they have the juggling meeting tonight. Middle of the day and traffic continued to be awful. Austin was ranked as one of the best cities to live in in the US, and over 300,000 people have moved here within the last year. I could never live here with all the traffic and people.

    Juggling doesn’t start tonight until 7, so I am finding more improvements I can do to the van.

    Many at juggling tonight, a good turnout. I did a lot of coaching and sold some books, nice. I saw excellent juggling by David Nayer, Scott Sorensen and others.

    Spent the night near the home of Darren Peterson. Here is a segment from his website >>
    “While Five Trick Dogs and a Scarlet Macaw are the highlights of my show, I made a good living traveling the world as the main juggler, clown, and unicyclist with The Royal Lichtenstein Circus and those skills have been enhanced by my constant training in Improv and working at Comedy Clubs. I have learned to keep audiences riveted by simply talking so when I add cute dogs doing amazing tricks it becomes ridiculously fun. Each circus skill has an associated story and all of the music is my own recordings, much of it original music, written by me. Also included are yoyo tricks, lots of other circus skills and a circus balancing act-this is a show I always wish I could see!”

    His brother, James, lives with Darren and James has cerebral palsy. Hard to take care of, Darren does a good job with him. Here is more about Darren >>

    Darren and I went to see his gorgeous girlfriend, Stephanie. They have purchased a big truck and are currently turning it into a home on wheels. More and more are doing the same, it’s a great life. Have you bought your home on wheels yet?

    So, I jumped on the freeway at about 3pm for the drive to the west​​, I was hoping to be ahead of the mass rush-hour drive home. It does not matter, there is massive traffic between Austin and San Antonio. I went from between 4 and 11 MPH one moment, to 73-77 MPG the next. A few times I said to myself, “I’m seriness – Get me outta here!

    After about 55 miles of mass traffic, driving on Route 90, I found less and less traffic, MUCH BETTER.

    The photos you are seeing were taken with my new camera, what do you think?

    In fact, I hardly hear from anyone about my blog, are you reading it? ​Your views of my words?

    ​Currently on my way to​ Big Bend National Park –​ https://www.nps.gov/bibe/index.htm
    You will see photos and hear about the area in the next post.

    I am so looking forward to getting back to the wilderness.